Recently, a young girl in Auburn, Alabama, was posing for a school photograph when she had an unexpected visitor in the frame.

The student in question, Brooke Mills, was starting seventh grade and snapping a picture to remember the end of summer and celebrate the beginning of a new school year when the incident occurred.

ShaneJoy Mills, her mother, took the picture.

The first day of class after a vacation is a really exciting time. The summer is over, and with it comes the beginning of a new school year and often the beginning of a new grade level or new subjects.


The first day of school may be a memorable occasion for parents and children. It is an emotional and significant thing for parents of older children to see their baby take on more responsibility and become more independent as they age.

When I was a kid, when I started a new school, my mom made sure to take a picture of me in my new uniform. It was annoying at the moment, and at other times, it was embarrassing.

But when I think about it today, I can understand why she did it. It is a wonderful way to celebrate your children’s development and accomplishments. It is also a great way to remember their first day of school and reflect on the memories in the years to come.

Looked at it more closely: “It was scary!

But when mother ShaneJoy Mills took a picture of her daughter Brooke Mills, who was going into the sixth grade at the time, she got a little more than she had hoped for…

She did not see anything strange or out of the ordinary. At first sight, the image Brooke Mills took to celebrate her return to the seventh grade stands out as particularly sweet. However, when her mother looked at one of the photographs more closely, she could not believe what she saw.

“Lord, it was scary! I got two pictures and said, ‘show your teeth, please, baby!’ “Then I saw the snake,” Mills told WRBL.

“I said, ‘Brooke, come here,’ and she looked at me like I’m not done taking pictures! So I said, “Brooke, get away from the tree now.” I said it calmly, but I’m sure my face said it all.”

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It looked as though the snake had just eaten because it blended in so well with the bark that it was almost impossible to see. It was not possible to spot it at first sight. On the Facebook post about the event, some people’s comments described it as a rat snake.

There have been dozens upon dozens of shares of the post. We can only thank God that the only thing this snake wanted to do in this unplanned back-to-school photo was strike a pose.

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What action plan would you take if you were in the mother and daughter’s shoes? Tell us in the comments how it went!

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