A stay-at-home mother with 12 children under the age of 12 is preparing to give birth to her twelfth kid.

In March of next year, Courtney will give birth to her 12th child. They have 6 boys and 6 girls, as the 37-year-old woman stated her husband wants a girl. Courtney said she is prepared for a boy in the meantime.


If you’re wondering if this busy parent ever a break has, the answer is yes. That would be a “no” because she also homeschools all of them.

In the 13 years since she married her 32-year-old church pastor husband Chris Rogers, the 37-year-old has hardly ever been without a pregnancy or a new baby. In Santa Fe County, New Mexico, the couple and their eleven children currently reside in a three-bedroom home with a 15-seater vehicle, but they intend to expand after their twelfth child is born.


In November 2020, after giving birth to her eleventh child, Courtney remarked she will miss having children.

I adore being a mother, and I would like to have another one, the woman declared. We’ll probably hold off on trying for a year or two.

The loving parents didn’t wait a full year and are now due with their twelfth child in March.

The couple’s children all have names that begin with the letter “C”: Clint is the oldest, followed by Clay, Cade, Callie, Cash, twins Colt and Case, Calena, Caydie, Coralee, and Caris.


On her Instagram profile @littlehouseinthehighdesert, Courtney chronicles life on the family’s 12-acre tract.

In an interview with the Daily Mail in January 2021, she stated, “Ever since I became a mother, it’s just become my life and I embrace it and love every minute.”

Even if I have so many children, I’m the kind of person who will be unhappy when she has her last and will want to appreciate every moment.


By the time her oldest child turns 12 years old, her twelfth child will have almost arrived. We’ve been happy since we wanted 12,” she exclaimed. The fact that it’s taking place and the kids will still be close in age makes me very grateful.

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