Extreme happiness and some anxiety are normal emotions for any expecting mother.

There’s double the stress and delight when you find out you’re expecting twins.

One particular couple’s shock at having twins increased once they saw their two snow-white babies, which made their surprise even greater.

Indeed, Argentinians Jorge Gomez and his wife never imagined the international attention their two sweet girls would receive following their birth in 2018.

Double the excitement


In 2018, Mr. and Mrs. Gomez were pleased to learn of their pregnancy. They were eager to round out their family with a son and give their firstborn the big brother role.

They were sure to visit the doctor regularly for check-ups and ensure everything was going according to plan, just like any other responsible pregnant couple would. During one of these visits, they learned that they were expecting not one but two babies: a set of twin daughters.

There is some risk involved with carrying and giving birth to not one but two children, but Mrs. Gomez’s pregnancy was very routine.

The Gomez family was ecstatic during the entire process and couldn’t wait to meet their two new baby girls. The usual preparations continued, including setting up the proper area for their impending bundles of joy.

They were not at all prepared for one thing, though.

Rarer than Rare

The highly unusual twin girls were 36 weeks early when they finally entered the world in a hospital in the Argentine region of Tucuman. The two small fighters, Catalina and Virginia, weighed in healthy despite this.

First place went to Catalina, who weighed 5.95 lbs. Virginia arrived two minutes later and weighed 5.5 lbs.

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Although they were early, their healthy weight was by no means the biggest surprise.

Catalina and Virginia came up with snow-white hair and didn’t like their parents.

It turned out that the little girls had albinism, a rare genetic disease that resulted in a lack of skin color. In the United States, just one in 17,000 newborns are born with albinism. Most types of albinism require that both parents have the albinism gene. Albinism is passed down (inherited) through families.

“When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness, and when they were born and saw that they had albinism, happiness did not change.” “For us, it is a blessing,” Jorge told a nearby newspaper.

Incredibly, Catalina and Virginia were the first set of albino twins to be born in Argentina.

Everyone was shocked when they heard about their rare genetic disorder. But with their new kids, Jorge and his wife also felt blessed.

“When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness, and when they were born, and we saw that they had albinism, that happiness did not change at all,” dad Jorge told LV12.


However, there are additional safety issues with the twins that must be taken into account. One illustration is that the daughters, like all people born with albinism, are particularly susceptible to UV radiation; therefore, the Gomez family must always be extra cautious regarding sun protection.

A promising future

Catalina and Virginia will reach four years old this year, and as they mature, they look more and more lovely every day.

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The girls posed in gowns that a close family friend had made for them in December 2021.

Hopefully, their tale and these images will raise awareness of albinism and show just how beautiful people with albinism can be.

Most significantly, the Gomez family has demonstrated that, despite genetic predisposition, every child deserves to be loved unconditionally and deeply.

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How cute are they? The lesson from Catalina and Virginia’s stories is that all children, regardless of their ancestry, deserve to be cherished and valued.

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