I’m Dima Kalekin, a Ukrainian.

He is unaware of his biological parents.

Hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain,” was identified in Dima at birth. And after seeing him for the first time, his parents made a call-less decision.

Without him, they left the hospital and never looked back.

According to the Ukrainian publication Fakty i Kommentarii, Dima was forced to start living in an orphanage for disadvantaged children in Krematorsk, eastern Ukraine.


Even after four years, Dima was still unable to walk or use utensils for eating. According to the orphanage officials, he might not grow normally in the future. However, they were shocked that he had lived this long and could even speak a few words.

Dima would continue to astound the globe, nevertheless, in the future.

The orphanage was in the center of a contentious territory, so Dima suddenly faced a new threat when war broke out in eastern Ukraine in early 2014.

Dima was compelled to leave the orphanage with the rest of the children and look for safety elsewhere.

The children and workers were required to move from one location to another for an entire week without access to food, drink, or medical care.

Finally, a group of separatists realized that some kids were on the verge of passing away, so they took the kids to the Ukrainian authorities.

The youngsters were eventually sent to a hospital in Kharkiv, the second-largest city in the nation. When doctors first met Dima, they had to fight back the tears. He had suffered greatly from his attempts to flee the conflict.

The doctors didn’t believe Dima could live in the violent nation. They were so desperate that they turned to a priest for help finding a family to adopt the child, according to Hefty.

The priest’s prayers were quickly granted. First, Dima and his companions found themselves in a different orphanage. And a couple from Vermont in the United States named Ernest and Ruth Chaves arrived a few weeks later. They were interested in adopting a kid from the conflict zone since they had heard about the fighting.

Ernest and Ruth decided they wanted to adopt Dima when they saw him.

Dima’s life was once again improved when they decided to adopt him.

Since they had already adopted seven kids, Ernest and Ruth were accustomed to being parents. Dima was able to join them in Vermont very soon because they had a lot of expertise with all the required paperwork.

After his adoptive parents visited the Ukrainian orphanage, Dima left with them to join his new siblings in their new home in the United States. ErnestChaves

Zebadiah Chaves became Dima’s new name.

The young boy’s life with his new family was unquestionably the best thing that had ever occurred to him. He started moving forward as soon as he got to Vermont. His parents were shocked to learn that he could use a spoon to eat just a few days after moving into his new house! ErnestChaves

A year later, the youngster who had fled Ukraine on the verge of death appeared to have completely changed.

Zebediah can speak now. Both Ukrainian and English are clear to him. He can also move about on foot.

Speak of advancements!

Zebediah’s brain was checked by American medical professionals, who were confident that the sickness hadn’t done much damage to it. They claim that he has a strong chance of developing normally.

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What a brave fighter!

Zebediah still has a ways to go and needs to have a number of surgeries, but he has already made the world aware of his unbreakable will and fortitude.

We have many good reasons to grin when we consider him today, in 2022. What a cute little boy he has become as an adult! That boy was adopted by Ernest and Ruth, which is very hard to imagine!

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