When a woman uploaded a picture of her 2-year-old daughter online, she had no idea that strangers would enjoy mocking the youngster. The woman spoke out against it after seeing vicious memes mocking her kid.

Kyra Pringle never imagined that people would use a picture of her daughter’s second birthday for amusement. Kyra was horrified by what transpired after internet users chose Mariah Anderson’s photo from her mother’s Facebook profile.

The South Carolina mother spoke out in opposition to her daughter’s bullies. She read online user comments that no mother would want to read about their child.

Sharing Birthday Pictures Turned into a Nightmare

On February 28, 2015, her mother celebrated Mariah’s big two-year birthday. Everything went as planned until Kyra posted a picture of her daughter on Facebook.


Mariah had a somewhat unique appearance from other kids because she was born with an uncommon disorder called Chromosome Two Duplication. The genetic condition also affected her intelligence and shortened her life expectancy.

The young girl’s appearance garnered mockery from online users. She was the subject of nasty memes created from her images and spread throughout social media.

Her family experienced heartbreak upon seeing the young girl’s images quickly go viral. They had no choice but to advise people to stop being insensitive to stop the spread. “The things you guys are saying about my child, she’s not a monster. She’s real.” Kyra told the trolls who were attacking her daughter.

Mariah’s parents wished others to understand that it was improper to make fun of a child with a unique genetic issue. The girl’s grandmother, Linda Pringle, addressed the internet users who made fun of the youngster by saying, “This is a human being. This is a child. This is a baby.”

Since Mariah’s family knew that her genetic condition would shorten her life expectancy, they sought to enhance her quality of life. However, their hearts were broken as they watched their young daughter suffer online abuse.

David Anderson, Mariah’s father, also voiced his dissatisfaction. He claimed seeing how the disparaging remarks affected his family hurt him.

Where Is the Girl Now?

Mariah’s relatives became unhappy when she was teased. Since they were unsure of how much longer she would be in this world, they regarded her as the joy of their lives. All they were certain of was the departure of their young daughter.

A young child, Mariah later developed into a lovely girl, defying all expectations. Kyra continued to post pictures of her child despite being horrified to see her daughter being harassed online.

The devoted mother posts pictures of her daughter on Facebook, but no one is brave enough to harass her. Instead, admirers leave encouraging remarks in the comments area about the mother-daughter team.

Kyra shared pictures from Mariah’s 10th birthday celebration in March 2023. She organized and decorated her pink-themed birthday party. She received appreciation from her friends and relatives, who also wished the young child a happy birthday.

She also shared a picture of Mariah wearing a pink dress and pink trainers at the event. She had a pink bow on her head that gave her a princess-like appearance.

On Facebook, Kyra wrote the picture, “She’s really my best friend,” which received more than 1000 likes. After seeing the mother-daughter pair’s gorgeous photo, many couldn’t help but send sentimental words.

“GORGEOUS. I love loveeeee this,” Jasmine Daniels said. “SO SWEET!!!” wrote Candace Aku.

“Gorgeous, little princess,” stated another user. Online users proffered similar comments for young Mariah in droves.

One more Facebook user gushed, “The happiness on her face and the look in her eyes is priceless.” People claimed that it was obvious that Mariah was happy with the birthday party and adored her mother.

Mariah’s mother, Kyra, frequently posts pictures of the young daughter on Facebook, demonstrating her affection for her. Years ago, when people made fun of Mariah, her mother was upset, but things have changed.

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