A 6-year-old Grants Pass, the Oregon child, ran late for school in 2015. Hunter’s mother, Nicole, knew he would probably have detention because his family had problems with their vehicle.

Nicole decided to meet him at school during lunch as a result. She only intended to check on how he was doing, but she got a lot more than she paid for.

Nicole saw her son go through what many would concur was a public humiliation rather than seeing him in detention. Let’s say that she wasn’t at all content.

Nicole’s surprise

Nicole arrived at the school and discovered Hunter sitting by himself. A partition was put directly in front of the 6-year-old’s face, preventing him from seeing or speaking with anyone else. Hunter sat in weeping and had a cup with a “D” in front of him (for detention).


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Nicole was as outraged as any mother would be at how the school treated her boy. Given that Hunter rarely arrived late to school and hadn’t been late enough that day to make up any tasks, her rage was all the more intense.

Nicole snapped a photo of Hunter in the restaurant, knowing she had to act. The local community soon caught on fire after she posted it on social media.

Community steps in

Others in Grants Pass chose to lend a hand after Nicole’s photo became widely shared. Hunter would never be late for school again, so they made that their goal.

A few days later, Nicole arrived at Kelly’s Automotive Service with her family, including her partner Marc, anticipating hearing that their vehicle couldn’t be fixed. Instead, a Chrysler vehicle that had been donated due to their neighborhood’s efforts was given to them along with the keys.

The people of Grants Pass demonstrated that where there is love, there is always hope in a deed that will be of immeasurable assistance to Nicole and her family.

YouTube / KOBI-TV NBC5

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