Carissa Spark, a devoted single mother from the UK, goes above and beyond to provide her little one with the finest things. Despite her limited income from the government, she spares no expense when it comes to her baby’s fashion. In her pursuit of lavishness, Carissa admits to forgoing her meals, surviving on humble instant noodles so that her child can don designer outfits. Her selfless act of love and sacrifice is a testament to a mother’s unwavering devotion to her offspring, willing to go to great lengths to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Carissa Spark, a single mum from Dorset in South West England, has a unique approach to budgeting for her family’s needs. Despite her limited income of $180 per week, she prioritizes spending on designer clothes and accessories for her seven-month-old daughter, Lavinia, instead of necessities like rent or groceries.

According to Carissa, her daughter’s wardrobe takes precedence over her needs, and she has been known to subsist on instant noodles to make ends meet. Despite these financial challenges, Carissa is pursuing her dream of becoming a hairdresser and is studying part-time.

While some may question Carissa’s decision to prioritize fashion over basic needs, others admire her commitment to giving her daughter the best life possible. Regardless of one’s perspective, Carissa’s story is a testament to the sacrifices and tough decisions that single parents often face in providing for their families.


Carissa Spark [pictured], from Dorset in South West England, admitted that her priorities lie in dressing her daughter, Lavinia, to the nines rather than buying groceries for herself

Carissa Spark, a single mom from Dorset, England, prioritizes dressing her seven-month-old daughter, Lavinia, in designer clothes and sparkling accessories over her basic needs. She admits she spends half of her meager government income on her baby’s wardrobe and often skips meals to afford these luxuries. Carissa’s love for frills, bows, ribbons, and anything sparkly knows no bounds, and she would go to great lengths, even if it meant sacrificing her meals, to ensure that her daughter’s bling game remains strong. She has been featured on the reality show Blinging Up Baby, where she expressed her unwavering commitment to giving her daughter the best. While she counts pennies to pay bills and buy necessities for herself, Carissa always puts Lavinia’s needs first. She goes without many things, even resorting to canned soup and instant noodles for meals, but her daughter never goes without. Despite criticism and name-calling, Carissa is undeterred and cites Katie Price as her biggest influence.

UK mum who lives on just £100 (AUD 180) a week spends her money on designer clothes and ‘bling’ for her seven-month-old daughter instead of paying rent.

Carissa Spark hopes to create lasting memories with her daughter by dressing her in designer clothes as much as possible. She wants her daughter to see how much love and effort went into ensuring she looks her best. The mother’s decision to buy expensive items for her baby comes from her desire to create a close bond with her child, which she didn’t experience with her mother. Putting her daughter in designer clothing brings her immense joy, making all the sacrifices worth it for Carissa.

While growing up, Carissa was raised by her grandparents while growing up, as her teenage mother could not care for her. Even today, Carissa’s grandmother supports her emotionally and financially, acknowledging that the family must help each other during tough times. Although the young mother often has to forgo essentials like nutritious meals, her priority is always her daughter’s needs and ensuring she has everything she needs to grow and thrive. While not everyone agrees with Carissa’s choices, she is determined to provide the best for her daughter, even if it means sacrificing her comforts.

The single mum ensures her daughter wears designer items as often as possible to get her money’s worth out of the expensive wardrobe.

Carissa often counts pennies to pay her bills and buy essentials.

The single mum’s spending habits have caused controversy among parents, with some criticizing her for prioritizing designer clothes over necessities like education and cultural experiences.

Many were shocked and called it bad parenting, suggesting that the money could have been better spent on enriching the child’s life in other ways.

However, some understood Carissa’s perspective, acknowledging the emotional motivation behind her spending habits.

One mother expressed empathy for Carissa’s situation, saying that she also overcompensates for her absent partner and that Carissa may be trying to heal the wounds of her childhood by providing for her daughter in a way that she never experienced.



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