One of the strongest bonds in the world is that between a mother and her child, and for one lady, that bond was severed just six weeks after her son was born.

June Mary Phelps, separated from her baby son at birth, was left to contemplate his existence and what might have been. Timothy Welch, her son, was very eager to rekindle their relationship.

Timothy was curious about his past, and his interest increased over time. After 58 difficult years, a miraculous event finally took place.

His Real Mother’s Location


Timothy had no idea that discovering an old photograph of his hometown would lead to a trip that would forever alter his life when he stumbled upon it. He discovered a private Facebook community for children born at Yateley Haven in Hampshire, England, due to curiosity.

Timothy’s tale piqued the interest of the group moderator Penny Green, an enthusiastic amateur historian, who offered to assist him in finding his birth mother. They had no idea that this would mark the start of something important.

In a Mother-and-Baby Household, He Was Born

When she was 36 years old, pregnant, and unmarried, Penny’s mother was placed in The Haven, a mother-and-baby facility. She was allowed to keep her baby, unlike many other women. She adopted a new name, claimed marriage, and even made up information about the child’s father.

Nearly 1,800 babies were delivered at The Haven, and many were taken away from their mothers against their will. One of these infants was Timothy.

When Timothy was able to get in touch with his siblings, a new chapter in his life began.

A Mother’s Heartbreaking Separation from Her Offspring

Timothy thought that because his mother was so young, she had been coerced into adoption. It was devastating that June had no option but to give up her child to continue working.

Even though she never saw him again, her tale was far from over. Thanks to Penny’s advice and knowledge, Timothy took the necessary steps to acquire his original birth certificate, which held important information about his birth mother.

Connecting with His Relatives

Using this information, Penny found June using various online tools and initiated communication on Timothy’s behalf.

This eventually brought him to Michael Mortimer, the man his mother is currently married to. Timothy could get in touch with his siblings through Michael, which was the beginning of a life-altering event.

The Touching Return

After meeting Chris, Greg, and their families for the first time, Timothy voiced his gratitude for the chance to reunite with his biological family after 58 years apart.

Although he felt fortunate to have met them, the true highlight came on September 19, 2022, when his brothers took him to meet his birth mother. It was the moment he had been looking forward to.

When Timothy first gazed into his mother’s eyes, he was emotionally overcome and instantly connected. Despite her health issues, his mother remembered him well and told him many tales.

He acquired a crucial component of his identity.

Timothy treasured the opportunity to finally connect with and learn more about the woman who gave birth to him, and he savored every minute he had with her.

The London instructor was also incredibly grateful for his deceased adoptive parents, Bill and Eunicé. Timothy was given a happy childhood and was shown how special he was by Bill and Eunice. But for Timothy, getting to know his biological relatives was crucial. He remarked: “Much of it concerns how one has evolved. I questioned my identity.”

Since reuniting with his birth mother, Timothy has discovered many new things about himself, including his birth father’s name. He also planned to track him down.

He also anticipated spending more time with his biological mother. After all, they had a lifetime to make up for. We hope they have a great future and many years of creating fresh memories.

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