The sight of thirteen truck drivers parking their vehicles under a bridge and blocking traffic on the highway in both directions is shocking.

Life improves when we read stories of caring people who do good for others. Even though it may seem like people are becoming less empathetic, there will always be people willing to help.

The events on the highway, specifically beneath a bridge on Interstate 696 near Huntington Woods, Michigan, left everyone confused and unable to express themselves.

People driving along this route became caught up in a traffic jam; however, once they found the reason why 13 trailer trucks were lined up without moving an inch to block the road, they realized the delay was well worth it.

After receiving an emergency call about someone who wanted to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge, the truck drivers responded to help after a state trooper named Michael Shaw was notified. Shaw, a very bright man, had an idea pop into his head right away, but to put it into action, he needed some further help, so he hurriedly called a traffic cop and asked him to redirect the traffic.


The truck drivers were all more than ready to lend a hand when asked.


The trucks could cover the entire area under the bridge because they were parked there. This meant that if officials and experts were unsuccessful in convincing the man to give up his plan, the trucks would be able to stop him from jumping directly onto the ground, which would help prevent any serious injuries.

However, there was a happy ending to this story, as the man was finally taken off the bridge and received psychological assistance after a time that continued for four long hours.

Even if it meant waiting for a significant amount of time, the truck drivers never hesitated to give help.

We are glad there are still people with such big hearts, like the drivers.

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