Officer Becomes Mentor for 6-Year-Old Without Arms Who Dreams of Becoming a Detective

Officer mentors 6-year-old without arms who dreams of being a detective

Even though Harrison Humphries, a 6-year-old Georgia child, was born without arms or legs, he still aspires to be a detective.

On a recent downtown patrol, Duluth Police Department veteran officer Rolf Seiferheld encountered the powerful Harrison, and the two have since developed a close relationship.

Harrison informed the officer that his motivation for joining the police is to “help people get better,” according to 11 Alive.

Seiferheld became an officer for the same reason: “Be kind and treat people how you want to be treated. Show them the respect they deserve,” he urged the media.


Officer Seiferheld decided he wanted to guide the young boy to help him realize his goals after learning that their perspectives on law enforcement were similar.

They get together every Friday during the officer’s city patrol, and both consider it the highlight of their week.

The 6-year-old assesses the officer’s equipment while the officer speaks to Harrison about what it’s like to work in law enforcement.


Harrison’s mother, Tara, thanked the kind-hearted officer for taking the time out of his week to mentor her son and support him in realizing his goal.

She told 11 Alive News, “not many people will take the time, or sometimes they’re afraid.”

She claims that her son is a very focused young man who typically succeeds in his endeavors.

Doctors informed Harrison’s parents he would never be able to walk, feed himself, or do anything when he was born because he was born without arms, hips, fibulas, and femurs.

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He can accomplish everything himself using his feet rather than limbs.

“So he brushes his teeth, his hair, tries to get himself dressed,” Tara said.

“He wants to be a detective or the head police in charge.”

She now does not doubt that her son will fulfill his goals with Seiferheld by his side.

“I think this is a relationship that can continue to grow, a partnership, which is what a community should be,” she said.


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