Seeing people go above and beyond to help a pet that needs help is always motivating. This was the case not too long ago when one officer braved a harsh snowstorm to save a dog that was in distress.

Animal Service Officer A. Dickman reportedly received a report about a dog that “sounded as though it was in distress,” as stated in a post on Facebook shared by the Ogden Police Department in the state of Utah.

It was reported that the dog had become loose and ran from the house; as a result, it was stuck outside in brutally cold weather.

However, ASO Dickman went above and beyond to ensure the dog’s safety and rescue. According to the department, she went out on a hike on the Bonneville Shortline Trail despite the heavy snow and ultimately found the dog.


After the experience, the dog was said to be “distraught,” but Dickman scanned the dog and was able to successfully reunite it with its owners, who were “extremely grateful.”

The police department applauded the officer for going above and beyond duty to ensure that this poor dog made it home safe and sound.

β€œThank you, ASO Dickman, for your dedication to our Ogden Community!” the Ogden Police Department wrote.

We are grateful to this animal control officer who worked through the heavy snow to save this poor dog’s life. So happy it is safe, warm, and back with its family now!

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