Chelsie Hill attended what she believed to be merely another senior party. When it was time to go home, she hopped into a friend’s car without realizing that her choice would forever alter her future.

Chelsie Hill, a senior in high school, attended a party on February 21, 2010, along with other friends. She enjoyed herself and danced all night. After some time, she decided to go home. Since she hadn’t prearranged transportation, she ran to the first automobile she saw. Thankfully, a buddy owned it.

She didn’t question that she had seen the driver earlier with a cup in hand because she fully trusted him to be responsible enough to refrain from drinking before driving. If he wasn’t completely sober, she didn’t believe he would jeopardize the lives of all his passengers by getting behind the wheel. She jumped in along with a few other folks.

Hill relaxed and took the journey because she didn’t notice their driver’s slurred words or clumsy movements. They passed her house on the way, and the driver volunteered to drop her off. Hill opted out, stating he could let her out when they returned, and sat down for the remainder of the brief journey.


The love of her life proposed to her in front of her on bended knee in February 2020.

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Seniors were having one last fun before they had to return home during the exciting trip, singing along to loud music. They were driving along when the automobile began to veer dangerously. A curbstone struck the wheel, sending the automobile flying off the road and into a tree.

Like many other passengers in the automobile, Hill was unresponsive, and she had little memory of what transpired immediately following the collision. She does remember the anxiety, terror, and unsureness she experienced as the situation’s reality set in.

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Hill was transported to a nearby hospital, where she underwent extensive spinal surgery when the swooping sounds of the helicopter’s blades interrupted her unconsciousness. Hill had no feeling in her legs when she awoke following the astonishing seven-and-a-half-hour procedure.

Moving on with Her Life

Hill’s entire life changed following the incident. Even though she is a T10 paraplegic, she does not desire to be defined by her condition. Chelsie rebuilt her life over the next ten years, occasionally speaking out in favor of those who are disabled. The most important person in her life proposed to her in front of her in February 2020 as he kneeled.

Hill shared a video montage of herself and her future husband, Jay Bloomfield, to commemorate the anniversary of their engagement, showcasing all the lovely moments they had already created. In the caption, Hill gushed, “You have the biggest heart and love unconditionally.”

On September 29, 2021, one year after their engagement, Hill and Bloomfield became husband and wife. The two planned a lovely day with all of their friends and family in attendance. Though even Bloomfield was unaware of it, Hill still had one more trick up her sleeve.

Hill planned a major surprise for her husband with the aid of trusted confidantes. She purchased some leg braces and a walker to prepare for her big moment. Hill came walking out of the doors as the music began to play, grinning as she went down the aisle with her fiancé waiting at the altar.

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Bloomfield was directed to stand with his back to the door by Hill, and when he turned around, he was astounded by what he saw. Hill remarked that he was utterly shocked to see his bride approaching him as she walked down the aisle. She recollected:

“As soon as I saw Jay, his jaw dropped. He was shocked that I was walking because he had no idea.”

Hill grinned the entire way, her father pointing her toward her husband while Bloomfield gasped in surprise. Hill could exit her wheelchair at the altar, where the joyful pair exchanged vows, thanks to a special wedding dress with a detachable skirt. But she emphasized that using a wheelchair is completely acceptable.

Hill and Bloomfield’s Life Now

Hill had the opportunity to wed the guy of her dreams and raise a child all her own. Hill and Bloomfield, optimistic about the future despite her impairment, have a young family and recently got married. Hill published a reflection on Instagram in 2021, expressing gratitude for her progress and looking back at her life. It reads:

“I was holding my daughter this morning around 1:30 am (which was the time the car accident happened), and I started crying happy tears and felt so thankful to be alive (sic).”

She expressed her delight at having discovered Bloomfield and how blessed she was by their child. Even though she always experienced emotional ups and downs around the anniversary of her accident, she has since changed her perspective and now treasures the things that gave her life meaning.

Hill also uploaded a photo of her and her child on March 21, 2023, both beaming broadly in the photo. The photograph was captioned, “Being a mum is the best reason you’ll ever have to take care of yourself,” by the woman. Hill was pictured in the image pushing her wheelchair and cradling her child on her lap.

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Despite being a committed wife and mother, Hill finds time to pursue her goals. Hill hoped to make a living performing before her injury and was an avid dancer. Doctors predicted she would never be able to dance again, but when her father bought her a wheelchair suitable for people, she could return to her passion.

Hill has now established her own wheelchair-accessible dance company to enable people of all ages to express themselves through movement. The Rollettes, of which Hill is a member, encourage people with disabilities through their passion for dance. She wrote: “I want to show the world that ‘dance is dance Whether you’re walking or rolling.’ (sic).”

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