The only thing that has been on Abby Furco’s mind throughout her life is her battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with leukemia soon after her fourth birthday and was given a 20% chance of surviving the disease.

Her mother reported they were in total shock and that Abby had little hope for the future. Despite this, they made every effort to provide her with the most fulfilling life possible. They were there for her through everything she went through, from bone marrow transplants to radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and other medical treatments.

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We could do nothing but watch her struggle for her life and hold out hope that she would get better. She could live the following year as an average child her age if she received the best treatment. She went to school and played with her friends.

But not long after this, the following year brought a very strong breakout of cancer. Abby was left immobile since any motion caused her pain. Even had a difficult time expressing herself.


In later years, a diagnosis of “graft-versus-host disease,” in which the bone marrow attacks the body, was made.

After that, she started having kidney problems. If her dialysis treatment was stopped, the doctors predicted that she would only have two more days of life.

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The doctors advised that it was time to let her go. We had made plans for this event. After the arrival of her grandparents, she was taken to hospice care. It was quite upsetting to see them start planning the funeral.

That very day, a miracle was about to take place. After Abby woke up, she said, “I have a lot of living to do.”

This was difficult for us to believe. She began to walk and gain strength within just a few weeks. The doctors could not understand what had already taken place. She faces a very challenging path to recovery, but she is willing to do it one step at a time. She had a new lease on life.

“We helped her get home on hospice.” “But when we started backing off, taking away treatments, so she wasn’t on so many meds, she started getting better all on her own,” Abby’s doctor, pediatric hematologist, and oncologist Jacob Wessler said.

“She’s had ups and downs, but if she continues on this path, she will make us all look like fools!” he added. “She’s defied every single odd.”

Abby’s future is unclear, but she is currently in good health and doing well. She is now in remission after receiving two daily rounds of IV steroids.

“We watched her die and come back to life,” Patty said. “Now we’re looking to the future.”

Abby Furco’s life proves miracles do happen.

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