A couple was on the verge of giving up hope after a series of tragic and unimaginable events, especially when medical professionals convinced them their unborn child would not survive. But in the face of overwhelming odds, they decided to confide in God and fight for their child. Everyone was shocked by what had taken place after that!

Seeing one’s children in danger is an overwhelming agony that no parent can bear. Unfortunately, some conditions are beyond parents’ control, and despite their best efforts, there is only so much they can do to improve things.

The news of welcoming their child was like a breath of fresh air for one couple, and it filled both of their hearts to bursting with love and pleasure. They were completely oblivious to the plans that fate had in store for them as they made preparations for the arrival of their bundle of joy. This is the inspiring tale of their faith, optimism, and the power of prayer!

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Falling Pregnant

Nick Schnarr and Brooklyn Diamond Schnarr were already the proud parents of two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Lily. They were living in Indiana, United States, when they received the wonderful news that they were expecting another baby. The day they found out they were expecting brought indescribable excitement into their lives, even though they were no strangers to parenthood.

Those words tore Nick and Brooke’s souls apart and broke their hearts to pieces.

They couldn’t wait to relive their parental pleasure by cuddling and kissing their newborn child. They had no idea what the world had in store for them; little did they know. The expectant parents kept count of the hours and minutes until they could finally meet their little angel, but the following months brought various challenges.

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The Terrifying Predictions

The Schnarrs got the heartbreaking news that their unborn baby had “water in the brain” one day when the physicians broke the news. To put it another way, the infant had excess brain fluid, and his odds of surviving were not very good. They also concluded that even if their child were to live, he would most likely experience severe brain trauma.

The couple’s doctors advised them to have the pregnancy aborted on various occasions, but the couple did not want to give up. Nick and Brooke’s unborn child was diagnosed with the disorder known as hydrocephalus halfway through the pregnancy, and they learned of the condition halfway through the pregnancy.

The couple was unmoved by the dire prognosis and went to a children’s hospital in Cincinnati for assistance. Unfortunately, not even the most experienced experts in the country could promise a brighter future.

According to Nick, he and his wife were given a 90 percent possibility that their child would either pass away shortly after delivery or suffer severe cognitive difficulties that would likely impede his quality of life.

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They refused to give up.

The Schnarrs weren’t given much hope by even the best fetal specialists and palliative care experts; instead, they were encouraged to seek ways of allowing their little angel to pass away in peace. Even the best fetal specialists and palliative care experts. These words pierced Nick and Brooke’s spirits and shattered their hearts into a million pieces, causing them anguish and pain.

” 15 minutes before they wheeled her [Brooke] back to start the C-section, we had another meeting with doctors regarding using a breathing tube and at what point we might need to remove that tube and let the baby go to heaven.”

But none of that was able to dampen the spirits of the Schnarr. They went on and finished the birth, and much to everyone’s amazement and delight, Nick and Brooke’s newborn boy arrived with the loudest cry and most endearing cackle ever heard!

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Negating all reason and science

After his NICU stay, Charlie Edward Schnarr was given the all-clear after his NICU stay to join his parents and elder sisters back at their house.

After spending time in the unit, Charlie Edward Schnarr was discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and could go home with his parents and visit his older sisters.

Everyone, even the physicians and nurses, was astounded by the fact that little Charlie had survived, as there was neither a logical explanation nor a medical justification for it.

According to Nick, he explained, “Somehow, his brain found a way to naturally ‘clear’ the blockage or re-route the fluid that was causing the oppressive ‘back-up’ of brain fluid.”

Everyone seemed to be at a loss for words about how Nick and Brooke’s predicament was overturned. The answer is that the Indiana parents decided to put all their confidence and hope in God. Their wishes were met in the most heartwarming way after they prayed for a miracle and requested their loved ones to do the same.

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Miracles happen every day, and the tale of how this family experienced one of those miracles is a beautiful witness to the power that these people possess! If you find yourself interested in what happened next, please post your comment on Facebook.

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