If not for one bystander so moved by the event, the police officer’s simple gesture of charity would have gone unreported.

Janet Balestriero pulled over after a three-car collision in Coral Springs, Florida, to observe the tumultuous scene. However, in everything, she caught sight of something that moved her deeply: a police officer speaking to a small boy.

The child’s parent, who had been in the collision, was currently speaking with authorities. The youngster and the cop were by the side of the road, where the officer was sitting quietly.

In situations like this, parents frequently lose track of their kids; thankfully, the officer understood that the boy’s mom was likely in shock and possibly preoccupied with the events. He also understood that he needed to use diversionary strategies because the situation was so upsetting.

While the frantic crash cleanup took place all around them, the officer opted to sit calmly by the side of the road with the small child and talk to him about his favorite Disney character while holding a toy fire truck.


On occasion, Balestriero took a picture and shared it on the Coral Springs Police Department’s Facebook page.

It was a deed of kindness, according to Balestriero. “In a wild world, I strive to find a little kindness every day.”

The image, which quickly went viral, featured Officer Bryan Dougherty, a SWAT squad member who has worked for the Coral Springs Police Department since 2016.

“So proud of our officers,” Coral Springs Police Chief Clyde Parry wrote on Facebook. Even though events like these frequently occur, they are rarely publicized.

No one was significantly harmed, according to Balestriero, who added that she was returning home after a doctor’s appointment when she was involved in the collision.

Balestriero observed Dougherty speaking to the youngster as the boy’s dad dealt with the accident while she waited her turn to speak with an officer.

In the Kindness Rock Project, which promotes painting messages on rocks and leaving them for others to find and collect, Balestriero participates. Her group plans to paint a rock with a Disney character’s likeness and Dougherty’s badge number, then drop it off at the Coral Springs Police Station.

She said, “A single act of compassion can have a cascading effect.”We need to see how kind the world is.”

The crucial community work that many police officers perform daily needs to be highlighted. Janet sharing this picture made me so happy.

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