It’s funny how easily you can fall in love.

Some people may meet their soulmate as early as their school years. Some people spend most of their life alone or with several partners until they meet one. Unfortunately, some people will never find that one person with whom they truly connect.

The paths that brought Happy Days actor Linda Purl, 67, and Dallas actor Patrick Duffy, 73, together were completely different, but the two are now happy and successful.

Before they ever met, Patrick Duffy and Linda Purl had each spent decades working in Hollywood, building lucrative careers and well-known businesses.

Duffy, on the other hand, had a long and happy marriage with Carolyn Rosser, but Purl had been married four times before destiny took her to Patrick’s door.


Despite being married four times to Desi Arnaz Jr. (1980-1981), William Broyles Jr. (1988-1992), Alexander Cary (1993–1999), and James Vinson Adams (2006-2011) Purl only had one kid, and after her divorce from Vinson Adams, it was said that she had no plans to date again.


While all was going on, Patrick Duffy had been happily married to Carolyn Rosser for 43 years. Sadly, Rosser passed away in 2017 at the age of 77; the couple had two kids together.

Duffy still regarded himself as a “married man” after his wife passed away, and it took a long time for him to feel even somewhat prepared to entertain the possibility of meeting other women.

But in 2019, when Duffy was 71, she met Lina Purl.

Duffy and Purl had never met, despite both having spent a lifetime in the film business. That changed in 2019 when they both attended the same occasion in Los Angeles. They were introduced by a common friend, and at first, it appeared that a new friendship was about to begin.


They began a group chat with their mutual friend, Duffy, Purl, and them, but ultimately the mutual friend left, leaving Duffy and Purl to get to know one another privately.

Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for the two to realize they connected on a deeper level than just two strangers exchanging politeness.

When Duffy was in Canada and Purl was attending to her duties in a play in New York, they soon discovered they FaceTiming each other every Wednesday.


Coincidentally, because of how far away they were from each other, the COVID-19 epidemic had little effect on their progress. Purl spent the majority of the epidemic in Colorado, but Duffy maintained his solitude on his ranch. Still, they kept calling each other and had regular Zoom calls.

Their bond developed into something deeper through those calls. After Rosser’s passing, Duffy hadn’t planned on falling in love again, but he had found Purl to be a woman he could be himself with.

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Duffy eventually became tired of the COVID-mandated waiting and drove for 23 straight hours to be with Purl.

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