West Virginian Lauren Behanna has very limited independence. She has used a wheelchair her entire life, and internet bullies frequently criticize her. She doesn’t let the opinions of others bother her, though, and maintains her head held high.

West Virginian Lauren Behanna recently received a lot of attention from online haters. The 27-year-old has spent her entire life confined to a wheelchair and is scarcely able to walk without her medication due to a rare condition.

The illness is extremely rare and has had a significant impact on Lauren’s day-to-day existence. The most noticeable of these is that she can no longer go around without a wheelchair, but it has also negatively impacted her physical appearance to the point where internet trolls have started criticizing her.

Lauren has made comments about her disease, claiming that it makes her feel like a “rag doll,” and that she has a lot of trouble with her ability to move and regulate her muscles. Her goal is to inspire and inform others about her situation, so she continues to get up every day and has started posting about it on social media.


Lauren Is a Mother Living a Full Life

Lauren has made the decision to maintain her optimism despite having a condition that would undoubtedly render many people disabled. She has congenital myasthenic syndrome, a condition that severely restricts the flow of information between muscles and the nerve cells that transmit signals to them.

Although she uses the social networking site with a positive attitude, many people have left disparaging remarks on TikTok.

Lauren’s symptoms began to manifest when she was a baby, just like those of others who had the same illness. Although her significant muscle weakness began in her earliest years of childhood, she describes the ailment as being akin to multiple sclerosis. She was hospitalized frequently as a child due to her illness.

Breathing problems were one of Lauren’s initial symptoms, which necessitated constant medical attention. As she grew older, doctors prescribed her medication to treat her muscle weakness; yet, the medication is essential for her to function every day and had no lasting impact on her condition.

She admitted, “I have to teach myself how to walk again each and every day. When I wake up, I can’t get out of bed and I have to wait at least 30 minutes before I can get up. It sucks, as every day is different, but I’m so used to it now.”

Lauren added that her “elongated face,” which may surprise some people at first glance, is a result of the genetic disorder. She is frequently the subject of stares when she is out in public, but she doesn’t let it bother her. Instead, she speaks up about her illness and is eloquent about her identity.

Fortunately, Lauren was not teased for her illness when she was growing up, and she has developed lots of courage and confidence to live life to the fullest. Given the poor prognosis for Lauren, her parents were informed that she wouldn’t survive the past two years. Lauren is simply grateful to be alive.

That is not to imply that she never has terrible days. Lauren acknowledged that she needed to develop effective means of expressing her feelings so that she wouldn’t bury them. When things go tough, she frequently asks, “Why me?,” but she always makes an effort to look on the bright side of life.

Doctors had said Lauren wouldn’t live through her first birthday, but now, Lauren and her devoted husband Cody are raising their seven-year-old daughter Abby. Abby treats Lauren like any other child would their mother, according to Lauren, who frequently shares photos of her with her family.

The family obviously adores one another based on all the pictures. The single mother has taken to informing others about her situation on social media and is proud of her offspring. Although she has faced criticism for her social media activity, Lauren isn’t hesitant to discuss her illness and loves to amuse others.

Trending on TikTok

Lauren has gotten into the habit of making others smile. The mother created a TikTok account some time ago in the hopes of getting some laughs and with no expectations of anything happening. She spoke candidly about her use of the app, expressing how much she likes to make people smile and observe the great effects she is having:

“I’m a pretty down-to-earth woman, who loves to make people smile. I’ve accepted the fact I’m different and I love being able to show others it’s okay to be different. It’s what makes us all unique.”

There have been a number of unfavorable remarks posted on TikTok despite her positive attitude towards the social media site. After Lauren released a video that went viral and garnered more than 13.5 million views, a number of individuals had unfavorable reactions and compared Lauren to a number of characters from TV shows and movies, which they felt was offensive.

Many viewers rudely stated that Lauren reminded them of the “How to Train Your Dragon” twins, and some even compared her to Fuchi, an anime “monster.” She was occasionally identified as Eddie Munson from “Stranger Things.” Lauren still wants to make TikToks despite the criticism, though.

The criticism hasn’t all been unfavorable, either. Many of her admirers have praised her on social media, and Lauren has amassed a sizeable following of individuals who appreciate what she does. One individual commented, “You are beautiful xxx.” Nothing is more beautiful than a mother, according to someone else who wrote. One person said:

“You are a beautiful lady you have a good husband and a beautiful daughter, your eyes are beautiful you don’t need me to tell you that, .. [People] who comment on people are just low lives.. nothing better to do with their lives (sic).”

Lauren has generally received a lot of support from others over the years, and she has enjoyed the kind reactions. Lauren acknowledged that she is frequently spotted when she is out and wants any viewers of her videos to drop by and say hello.

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