A lady had no notion that her unborn son would have a rare illness that would impair the appearance of his skin when she got pregnant. The young child proved the doctors wrong when they predicted he wouldn’t survive.

As do most expectant mothers, Anna Ciesielska anticipated her postpartum life. However, a few hours after Michal Winter was born, things changed when she got to hold her new child for the first time.

“I was very upset when I first saw him,” the mother recalled. Her child was born with an unusual skin disorder that gave him a distinctive appearance from other newborns. The physicians also didn’t hold out much hope for his survival.

Looking at Her Son for the First Time

Harlequin ichthyosis was present at birth, which left Michal’s skin covered in thick, hard scales. The newborn baby’s mouth stayed open due to the tightness of his skin, which prevented him from nursing due to the scaly skin on his face.

When Anna first saw her son, she was heartbroken because she believed her infant was in pain. She was unaware of his health or how long he would live. She explained:


“It was a huge shock. I thought I was going to have a healthy baby. Not even the doctors at first knew what was wrong with him.”

People Couldn’t Stop Staring at Him

Over time, Michal’s parents learned how to manage his condition and became more familiar. However, they were unaware of how difficult it would be to bring their son out publicly.

When the physicians examined Michal and performed tests on him, they informed Anna that her child wouldn’t survive more than a few weeks.

Every time Anna took her son out in public, she noticed curious looks from bystanders. Others would ask the mother if she needed assistance, while some onlookers would merely stare at Michal’s skin.

The Mother Wasn’t Happy About It

“Michal is a perfectly normal boy with a wonderful nature; he just has this skin condition,” the young mother said. Anna felt bad when she saw strangers stare at her kid, who she considered the most wonderful person in the world. She became upset when they asked her difficult questions since she had expected them to treat him like other babies. She recollected:

“I was in a shop, and someone came up to us and was staring at Michal and asked if he was a doll.”

The mother admitted that she noticed the stranger’s expression alter as Michal moved. Because of his skin condition, the individual thought Anna’s son was a doll and expected him to remain motionless. AnnaCiesielska

They Wanted the Best for Him

Little Michal continued to make new friends and explore the outdoors despite getting unorthodox therapy. He was eager to experience a normal childhood; his parents shared this desire.

Sebastian, Anna’s husband, decided to buy their infant a hydrotherapy bath so he could take care of his skin. The couple could only afford it because it was an expensive buy after raising money. They hoped that it would enable their son to take care of himself.

Anna had to adhere to a stringent skincare regimen for Michal because of his unusual skin condition, which required additional attention. She did everything possible to keep her son’s skin looking its best.

Looking After Her Baby Boy

When the physicians examined Michal and performed tests on him, they informed Anna that her child wouldn’t survive more than a few weeks. His rough skin made him vulnerable to infections, and dehydration was a concern. But Anna emphasized that despite his difficulties, “He’s such a happy and loving child. He’s overcome so much.”

The mother found caring for her child to be nothing short of a challenge. In addition to giving her child a special moisturizing bath, she admitted to applying two creams to his skin six times daily. She also keeps the temperature in the house at a suitable level while minimizing his exposure to the sun.

The Never-Ending Challenges

Michal needs Anna to take care of his skin so it doesn’t become too dry, which would pain him. It becomes difficult for her to keep him at the proper temperature and shield him from the sun to prevent sunburns.

Michal is susceptible to illness. Thus the mother must take care to protect him from viruses. She claimed, however, that she is fortunate to have supportive individuals who make things easier for her.

While Michal draws attention from passersby in public spaces, Anna doesn’t enjoy the comments some online users have made about her.

The Online Reaction

Netizens couldn’t help but express their opinions in the comments section when online news sources chose Winter’s story and detailed how others handled him. What they said was as follows:

“He is so cute. People should look at themselves sometimes.”

― (Wendy Earle) December 10, 2019

“People are so cruel. He’s beautiful, and that smile is gorgeous.”

― (@Caroline Herety) December 10, 2019

“That smile lights up a room. Beautiful!”

― (@Jackie Whitehouse Harris) December 9, 2019

Little Michal continues to enjoy a joyful life with his family despite the doctors’ predictions that he wouldn’t last more than a few weeks. He enjoys interacting with new people like other kids his age do.

The moral of Michal’s story is always to be strong, do your best, and have faith in fate, even when things don’t seem to go your way. Just as it did in Michal’s situation, everything works out in the end for the best.

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