A man got a heartbreaking phone call one day from a friend informing him that the lady from high school he had a crush on had been in an accident. When he went to see her in the infirmary, he was startled by who he saw. But at that precise instant, he experienced something incredibly heartwarming.

Sunitha Atinus, who was from Coimbatore, India, said others admired her. Because of her attractiveness and charming personality, she was used to guys clamoring for her time and attention, so she never found it difficult to be in a relationship.

Still, Sunitha’s existence wasn’t simple. She watched her parents struggle to put food on the table as they lived in a small home with her family. Sunitha yearned for a better life and resolved to improve things after growing up with a drunken father and a challenging childhood.

An Unimaginable Occurrence

Sunitha relocated to Bangalore after completing her 12th-grade education, where she started a physiotherapy program and got work. In August 2011, she traveled home with companions who offered to drive her when an unbelievable event occurred.


Sunitha claimed that she discovered some startling insights about relationships during that time.

A Terrible Accident

Later on, as he begged her not to abandon him, Sunitha later felt her friend’s tears fall onto her arms. It turned out that the vehicle flipped three times while she was dozing off in the backseat, slamming into the barrier.

Sunitha was severely injured because she was close to the window when the vehicle overturned, causing her hair to tangle and her face to be propelled out. She was brought to the hospital shortly after, but sadly, her face was completely gone.

Suffering Severe Injuries

Sunitha sustained serious facial injuries that required multiple operations to repair her jaw, nose, and eyes. She was told to stay away from mirrors for a very long time so she wouldn’t see her deformed visage.

But one day, she caught a glimpse of herself in the glass elevator door. Sunitha was disheartened and terrified and had no idea who was gazing back at her. She endured 27 operations between 2011 and 2014.

Recovering from the Ordeal & Learning New Lessons

Sunitha’s tear glands allegedly malfunctioned, and she also lost her senses of taste and scent. She found it challenging to close her lips while she was eating.

Sunitha claimed that during that time, she discovered some important relationship skills. Some people expressed sympathy for her suffering, others moved away, and some lacked the courage to look at her.

After departing the hospital, she traveled to Tamil Nadu for a while before returning to Bangalore. There, she reconnected with Jay Prakash, a guy who had been interested in her since she was a young adult.

Finding Love & Strength

The two decided to reside together as a unit due to a series of events. Jay attended all of Sunitha’s medical appointments starting in January 2012 with her. Sunitha shared the following about her lovely relationship:

“To him, my accident, my surgeries, my tough childhood, nothing mattered. We got married in 2014. People even told me not to have babies because they’d have my face, but we laugh these things off.”

Sunitha, who was enraged, frustrated, and broken by everything she had gone through, eventually learned to adjust her viewpoint. She discovered fortitude in her survival rather than despising herself and avoiding her reflection.

“I am told I am blessed and a miracle,” added Sunitha.

The Pain of One-Sided Love

In September 2017, Jay shared his account of the narrative with “BeingYou.” When a lady passed by his classroom in 2004 while he was 17 years old, he instantly fell in love with her. He immediately fell in love with her because he had never seen anyone like her.

Jay became friends with the girl over time, but his emotions couldn’t handle the hurt whenever he saw her with someone else. He considered it best to maintain his distance because he didn’t hold out much hope for his unrequited love. He hasn’t encountered anyone like her since the girl relocated to Bangalore.

The Heartbreaking Visit

They made a short connection on Jay’s birthday in 2007 before moving on with their lives. A mutual friend contacted him in November 2011 to inform him that the girl had been in an accident four years prior.

Jay spoke to her on the phone before seeing her in the hospital but didn’t identify her voice. But he was shocked when he saw her. A female standing directly in front of him had no hair, a distorted face, no mouth, nose, or teeth, and stumbled like a person in their nineties.

The Message That Changed Everything

Jay was perplexed and speechless. He realized that he adored the girl deeply as he struggled with his feelings. Upon arriving at his house, he snatched up his phone and texted her. He noted:

“I am the only person who can take care of you. I love you. Let’s get married.”

Unbothered by Criticism

The two got along well, and in January 2014, Jay proposed to Sunitha, the lady. They began planning their nuptials shortly after that. Despite having many issues because of their financial circumstances, they remained optimistic.

On the morning of their bridal reception, Jay claimed to have been cleaning the venue while wearing shorts. According to reports, people questioned his haste to get married; some even advised him not to have children with his fiancΓ©e due to her appearance.

Even after their marriage, according to Jay, Sunitha still received pitying looks from people who believed he had done her a great service. However, Sunitha’s spouse is overjoyed because he married her out of love, and she improved his life.

The Real Definition of Love

In 2023, the pair had two children, Atmia and Amik, and were still happily married. They have love and gratitude in their hearts every dawn. Jay discovered through their relationship that love was a beautiful link between souls and wasn’t about materialism or physical attractiveness.

Whatever other people thought, Jay cared only that being with Sunitha felt correct, and he adored her infinitely.

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