Things that were clever in the past are becoming unnecessary as technology advances at a rapid pace, supposedly making our lives easier by the minute. This appears to be true in almost every aspect of our lives, from how we listen to music to how we move from point A to point B. Certainly, everything is going through a change.

Because of this, certain ‘technology’ of the past will become nothing more than a relic of the past for future generations, who will have no idea what some of the things that we valued in the good old days were. Similar to these teeny little “coins”.

But are you aware of the purpose of these things?

If you are of a certain age and reading this, then you may already be familiar with what these are. Yes, those are called “needle threaders,” and they used to be a necessity in every home.



Do you remember when young girls were encouraged to learn how to sew? These handy, tiny aids made it much easier to thread the thread through the eye of the needle.

Along with a needle, tape measure, pair of scissors, pins, and a pincushion, this item was included in every sewing kit.

I seem to recall that my mother taught me how to use these, although I can’t claim that I was ever especially adept with them. Were you?

needle threader Instagram/anne_jacobsson

Here’s a little more trivia… Can you remember what these are? Leave your comments on Facebook if you can identify what they are… I recognized them right away as well. Oh oh — does that mean I’m old?

tailor's chalkInstagram/clive_continental_menswear

And here are three more things that the majority of my close friends will not be familiar with…

Spout for opening oil cans

These old opener spouts are made with a spout made of sheet metal. They were made to be used to open cans of turbine engine oil.

Back in the day, when oil was sold in cans rather than plastic bottles, the oil spouts resembled hand shovels and were equipped with a piece of metal in the shape of a triangle in the center.

Church keys

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Before there were twist-off caps or pull tabs, you needed to have these in your collection… The pointed tips of these instruments were perfect for making holes in cans of beer and soda.

Record adapters

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What exactly is this, then? When you put a record on the record player that was the wrong size, you could use one of these adapters to get it to fit. It probably seems more like a frisbee than anything else to children, but these handy tools were employed when there was no other option.

You can talk to your friends about this article and check to see if any of them remember using these old tools.

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