Marisa Ishimatsu, a skilled photographer, set out on a trip to Namibia to photograph the evasive snakes indigenous to the sub-Saharan African nation of Namibia. Her adventure began with the intention of capturing the elusive snakes. Most of the soft sand found in the Namibian desert is ideal for these snakes, known as Peringuey’s adders, and they have skillfully adapted to blend into their surroundings.

Marisa was able to take stunning pictures of the snakes while they were perfectly disguised in the sand, demonstrating how well they could conceal in plain sight. The Peringuey’s adder is a master of sidewinding across the dune slopes and burying itself in soft sand at the base of bushes to ambush lizards and protect itself from predators.

Peringuey’s adder

These snakes’ extraordinary physical adaptations are a large part of what makes them such interesting animals. Their nostrils are reinforced and located at the tip of their noses, while their eyes are positioned at the very summit of their heads. Because of this, they can continue to breathe and see even when their entire bodies are covered in sand, which gives them an unrivaled advantage over other living things in the harsh desert environment.


In general, Marisa’s mesmerizing photographs of the Peringuey’s adder illustrate the splendor and intricacy found in the natural world. It reflects that even the tiniest creatures can hold incredible secrets and behold incredible beauty and that we must continue to admire and protect them.

Marisa Ishimatsu was part of a group of wildlife enthusiasts from the United States and Europe who were on a mission to find all six species of dwarf adders that can only be found in Namibia. This was an excellent opportunity for Ishimatsu, who spends most of her vacations searching for snakes and other forms of wildlife all over the globe, to investigate the one-of-a-kind reptile life that can be found in the country of Africa. Dayne Braine, a specialist from The Naturalist Collection, was brought in to help the group locate the elusive snakes, and they were successful due to his assistance. The group successfully completed their assignment, thanks largely to Braine’s assistance in locating all six species of vipers. Ishimatsu is proud of the photographs that she has taken, but she believes that there is still a great deal more to photograph in Namibia.

During her journey to Namibia, Marisa Ishimatsu brought her Nikon D850 camera. She used it to capture some breathtaking photographs, not only of the Peringuey’s adder but also of other species of vipers. She was awestruck by the country’s breathtaking landscapes and rich biodiversity. She took photographs of anything and everything she could find, including plants, invertebrates, charismatic megafauna, and snakes. Ishimatsu captured some incredible pictures of the wildlife in Namibia during his travels, making this experience one that he will never forget.

Snake Photographers’ Duty

During the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup, which took place over the past weekend, tens of thousands of snakes were targeted by hunters and put to death. Marisa Ishimatsu, a photographer, aims to alter the negative impression of people towards these animals. She thinks snakes perform an essential part in the balance of the ecosystem and that their beauty and significance ought to be highlighted in photographs more frequently.

Ishimatsu strongly emphasizes that it is her responsibility as a snake photographer to encourage an attitude of curiosity and respect towards these creatures rather than dread. She also mentions that her social media accounts, which are full of captivating pictures of birds, flowers, and mammals, do not contain any pictures of snakes. She hopes that people will appreciate the part these animals play in the ecosystem as well as the beauty that these animals possess.

You can find Ishimatsu’s breathtaking photographs of snakes and other wildlife on her Flickr and Instagram pages, and her Etsy store sells prints of her work. Her snake photographs are particularly breathtaking. The Naturalist Collection offers tours for people interested in experiencing Namibia’s environment and wildlife. These tours can be found on their website. People who want to help snakes can consult the website Save the Snakes.



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