Most people only know the names and deeds of historical figures, but even if there are ancient black-and-white pictures of them, nobody knows what they look like. You will have the chance to view old color photos of some well-known historical people today in addition to seeing these photos in black and white.

Italian artist Lorenzo Folli has spent countless hours skillfully coloring these images of historical individuals. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see more of Lorenzo’s amazing colorizations. The prominent people from the 19th and 20th centuries who greatly impacted their field are shown in the colorized photographs below.

Historical Figure Nicola Tesla in Color

#Photo 1-Nikola Tesla, circa 1898.

Historical Figures Gerald and Ford featured in this colorized photograph


#Photo 2-American President Gerald Ford with Brazillian footballer Pelé, 1975.

Colorized photo of a young Joseph Stalin in 1902

#Photo 3-Young Joseph Stalin, 1902.

Portrait of Fredrick Douglass that has been colorized

#Photo 4-Frederick Douglass, circa 1856.

Colorized photo of English biologist Charles Darwin

#Photo 5-Charles Darwin, circa 1854.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill photographed in 1945 - Colorized

#Photo 6-Winston Churchill, 1945.

One of the most famous historical figures in art, Vincent Van Gogh in color

#Photo 7-Vincent Van Gogh, 1873.

US President Abraham Lincoln - Colorized Photograph

#Photo8-Abraham Lincoln, 1860.

Historical figure of the American Civil Rights Movement Martin Luther King Jr at a press conference in 1964

#Photo 9-Martin Luther King Jr., 1964.

One of the most iconic historical figures of the movie industry, Charlie Chaplin, without makeup in 1916 - Colorized

#Photo 10-Charlie Chaplin, circa 1916

Edgar Allan Poe, American writer and poet, colorized photo from circa 1846

#Photo 11-Edgar Allan Poe, circa 1846

Colorized by Lorenzo Folli // Original from Wikimedia Commons

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