There are lots of Hollywood couples whose unions don’t withstand the test of time.

It must be challenging to live in the public eye when everyone and his wife are watching your every action, not to mention the haters on social media.

Pierce Brosnan, renowned for portraying the consummate charmer and starring alongside numerous stunning leading ladies, is frequently painted as quite the Casanova. In reality, he is a loyal husband and the ideal family man.

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We may all aspire to the marriage that James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan has with his journalist, author, and television personality wife, Keely Shaye Smith.


The devoted couple has been together for more than 25 years, and they still solely look into each other’s eyes.

Their union demonstrates that true love endures despite celebrity, advancing years, and all the accompanying bodily changes.

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For 30 years, Pierce and Keely have been each other’s closest friends, confidantes, and lovers. After first meeting at a Mexican bar in 1992, the pair started dating in 1994 and were wed seven years later.

When Keely was assigned to interview Ted Danson, she instead became friends with Pierce.

Their very first date is like anything from a love story. They “sat down under the sky, and he held my hand,” according to Keely. Overhead, fireworks were being set off while Kenny Loggins was singing. Till three in the morning, we spoke.

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According to PopSugar, Keely told People in 2001 that “he was mesmerizing.”

“Tall, black, and attractive, everything that would instantly draw the attention of anyone. His eyes had this sly twinkle in them. I exclaimed, “Wow! Wow!'”

Pierce recognized right away that Keely was incredibly special.

“I adore her vigor and fire. She possesses a strength that I couldn’t survive without. I become faint when Keely stares at me,” he admitted.

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In 2001, Pierce and Keely exchanged vows in Ireland.

The plan was for the couple to get married in 2000, but Pierce’s 16-year-old son was injured in a car accident in the United States before that could happen.

He thus sustained a spinal injury, and his father decided to postpone the wedding.

But in the end, Pierce and Keely were married in the majestic Irish stronghold Ashford Castle, fulfilling their dream wedding. The newlyweds had reserved 120 rooms at the fantasy hotel for their close friends and family, but Pierce had paid for a hefty security operation to keep the public and journalists at bay.

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Raising sons

The pair is devoted to protecting the environment and the creatures of our oceans, and they have two sons.

Pierce and Keely were undoubtedly a marriage made in heaven because their two sons were born not long after they began dating.

Since then, Keely has maintained a rigorous work schedule for her career while simultaneously providing excellent care for the children. Pierce’s children from a previous marriage to Cassandra Harris, who passed away from cancer in 1991, have also been lovingly cared for by Keely.

Weight of Keely Shaye Smith

Keely had a modeling career and worked as an actor before meeting Pierce. Keely’s weight has received much attention lately, particularly in gossip publications.

She gained weight, which is certainly obvious to everyone, but who doesn’t when they become a little older?

According to certain media accounts, Keely may have had thyroid gland issues, but I think she is radiantly attractive.

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Sadly, Keely frequently receives vicious troll abuse because of her shifting appearance. The OO7 star says his “passionate” wife still makes him “weak at the knees,” and he still cherishes her.

In Keely Shaye, I discovered a great woman,” he declared. No matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find one as good.

Following her marriage to Pierce, Kelly reportedly weighed roughly 70 pounds, according to certain tabloids. People and the media have speculated that Pierce would leave his wife due to these rumors. Despite this, the couple has never been the subject of cheating rumors and is frequently seen holding hands and kissing in public.

Naturally, it’s difficult to deal with trolls who criticize Keely’s appearance and fat-shame her. But Pierce has consistently stood by his wife and frequently professes his love for her publicly, which is evidence of how much he cherishes Keely.


Having a woman in Hollywood who doesn’t get plastic surgery to seem younger is also incredibly refreshing. Pierce loves her wife for who she is, and Keely appears self-assured.

The two have evolved physically over the years, but their shared love, respect, and admiration for one another have not changed.

They don’t hesitate to express their love for one another.

Pierce and Kelly are active on social media and display their affection on Instagram.

For instance, in 2021, Brosnan posted a heartfelt message to his wife on Instagram in honor of her 58th birthday:

Nowadays, a lot of things are based on the tangible and material. Because of this, it gives one comfort to witness how Pierce and Keely’s love endures and is authentic.


While starring alongside some of Hollywood’s most stunning ladies during his illustrious career, Brosnan preferred to fly his wife to the areas he was filming to spend even more time with her.

“I missed her no matter where I went in the world, so I would mail her tickets to come to see me so we could be together. We appeared to click, he says.

Dr. Fate, a part played by Pierce Brosnan in the sci-fi action film Black Adam, has just ended. The actor portrays a superhero and sorcerer in this DC Comics character.

Nevertheless, the 69-year-old actor was sure to keep some aspects of his life separate from his portrayal. He was wearing his wedding band and a watch that his late wife Keely Shaye Smith had given him.

“Here is our wedding ring, and this is a watch that Keely purchased me many years ago with an inscription that [reads], ‘Time flies on love’s wings,'” he said in an interview, going on to further explain. I choose to wear it for this role, he continued. It seemed right at the time.

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He clarified that Brosnan chose to wear these private items during filming because they fit his character. After all, he had a wife as well. “The man [has] traveled through the ages,” he remarked. He is among the DC comic book industry’s most potent sorcerers. I’ve heard that he did have a wife named Enza, who was even stronger than him.

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His wife was overjoyed by the understated yet heartfelt homage her devoted husband paid to her in his most recent cinematic endeavor. I appreciate that he brought those insignia with him into the world of superpowers and superheroes, the woman remarked.

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They are a bright example, and I adore seeing them together. I wish them many more happy years and wonderful occasions.

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