When Celeste Ayala heard a baby cry in the hospital, she soon realized how to calm the child down. She took the malnourished baby into her arms and opened her top in an attempt to breastfeed him, ignoring the fact that she was wearing her police uniform.

Do you believe only women who have given birth can experience maternal instincts? Sometimes, children act in ways that show the maternal side of their personalities. They enjoy feeding their pet cats like babies and cuddling with stuffed pets.

Not only can parents provide proper care for their children when they reach adulthood. When asked to look after a child, it is not common for adults who have never worked with children to impress everyone with their caring skills. When a female police officer who was also a mother felt the urge to act on her maternal instincts, she surprised everyone by doing an unexpected act.

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The police officer in uniform


Celeste Ayala, a police officer who worked in Buenos Aires in 2018 and was present at the Sor Maria Ludovica children’s hospital, was there on a day that was just like any other day on the job. As part of her work, she was required to observe the patients and visitors entering and leaving the hospital.

When the hospital staff brought a malnourished infant through the main entrance, she became distracted by the sound of a baby crying. Ayala didn’t waste any time and ran up to the infant while questioning the other staff about what had happened.

Because his mother couldn’t afford to feed him and he had five older siblings, the hospital staff informed her that the infant was malnourished.

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Motherly Instincts

Looking at the infant crying at the top of his lungs, Ayala was overwhelmed with emotion. At that point, she had a good understanding of what the infant needed. She reflected on the moment her maternal instincts were sparked upon seeing the baby:

“I noticed that he was hungry, as he was putting his hand into his mouth, so I asked to hug him and breastfeed him.”

She quickly took the baby into her arms and unbuttoned her police uniform to breastfeed the infant as soon as the staff at the hospital gave her permission to do so. Because they weren’t expecting a police officer to calm the infant down in this manner, everyone glanced at her with their eyes wide open.

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What’s Going On?

Even after the staff told her he was “dirty,” Ayala continued to breastfeed the baby without giving it a second thought. During this time, her colleague Marcos Heredia took a picture of her and uploaded it to Facebook with a touching remark. He wrote:

“I want to make public this great gesture of love that you made today with that baby, who you did not know, but for whom you did not hesitate to act like a mother.”

So many people shared the post that it went viral, and soon after, Ayala’s kindness was the talk of the town everywhere. When the news was delivered to the higher authorities, Ayala’s boss phoned her and asked her to come into his office. She had no idea why he wanted to visit her at the time.

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The Meeting

Ayala’s boss informed her of her promotion during the meeting for going the extra mile while on the job by breastfeeding the starving infant. In a tweet, the Minister of Security for the Province of Buenos Aires thanked Ayala for his efforts and said:

“That’s the type of police we’re proud of, the police we want.”

It’s not true that every hero has a cape. Ayala’s humanitarian gesture proved that she is more than a hero in the eyes of the people. What are your thoughts? Would you have done the same actions if you were in her role?

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