When it comes to keeping warm during the cold winter, desperate times call for desperate measures. When the cops heard he was staying warm, they stepped in and offered help.
It is essential. I’ve been requesting assistance with what I’ve been attempting to achieve since the 1940s. And just now, it entered. He says, “God is good.”,
Hicks reported his stolen tools from his shed to 911 in 2019. Officer Chasity Salazar noticed Hicks’ heat source when she went to his house to finish the police report.

“He’s using the oven, and I knew that much. I am aware that it is unsafe. He has the gas on.”
Hicks had been using his stove and oven to stay warm. He would blow the heated air about him with a fan. He had previously been using a heater, but after it burnt a hole in the floor, he switched to something even riskier.
Hicks acknowledged his need for assistance and said, “You hate to ask anyone because sometimes they’ll frown on you, and I’m a real veteran. I won’t inquire.
But he was simply unable.
Thankfully, Salazar noticed his plight and went to help. With the assistance of her colleagues at the Austin Police Department and several philanthropic organizations, Salazar and Officer Bino Cadenas surprised Hicks with an electric fireplace.
He declared, “I’ve never had someone do anything for me. “Nobody ever did anything to help me when my mother passed away and left me to care for my two sisters,” I said.

I would want to see more of our police personnel reporting like this. Please share if you want to read more about the generosity of our officers.


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