In a world where social media is king, and the urge to share every aspect of our lives is almost instinctive, the repercussions can sometimes be unexpected and even devastating. In this world, sharing every aspect of our lives can almost be considered second nature. This was the situation that a mother encountered on TikTok.

When an innocent video of Savannah Glembin’s boy playing with his father went viral for all the wrong reasons, it put her in a worse situation than her worst nightmare.

In the footage, Savannah’s husband interacts with their child, who appears to be having a good time, as evidenced by the mother’s giggles. However, some viewers thought differently.


Savannah Glembin’s husband with their son, Gunner. | Source:

Having a Good Time (or So They Thought) with Their Son

Savannah took pleasure in posting updates about her family on their website. She cherished her boy above all else and sought opportunities to share laughs with him whenever possible. However, one video that was widely distributed in 2023 was the cause of the catastrophe.

In the video clip, Savannah’s son was seen being played with by his father while he was bound in cling wrap and unable to move his limbs. The couple laughed at the activity and remarked that the infant appeared to be either a worm or a cucumber.

While they were having a good time together, the boy’s response became the focus of many people on the internet. In the global video, they thought they saw a young boy named Gunner, who appeared upset and unhappy.

One online community member, @Auntkaren0, called the incident abusive and disapproved of the parents’ conduct.

Savannah Glembin’s husband with their son, Gunner | Source:

Everything Changed When Someone Knocked on Their Door

These allegations by internet users rapidly gained traction on social media, with some even going so far as to report the incident to child protective services.

While this happened, Savannah, the mother, was completely unaware of the widespread backlash against her recording. She realized something had gone wrong when she heard someone knocking on the door.

Savannah Glembin’s husband playing with their son, Gunner | Source:

The Mother Was Heartbroken

Savannah was taken aback when the police arrived at her doorstep shortly after she posted a video on social media. She was informed that her child would be taken away for an investigation into the allegations made in the video. The unexpected events left the couple heartbroken and perplexed, as they had never expected their playful video to lead to such serious consequences. The devastated mother shared her emotions and stated that their son had been taken away by CPS until they could evaluate their home. The couple never imagined a simple video could turn their lives upside down.

Savannah Glembin | Source:

She claimed she didn’t misuse her son for attention.

Savannah, who has a significant following on social media, was accused of using her son for fame and attention at any cost. However, Savannah refuted the allegations, stating that she earned no money from her TikTok videos. An online community member criticized the parents’ actions, calling them abusive, and expressed concern over why they would put their toddler in an uncomfortable position to gain views and likes. The incident highlights the negative consequences of sharing inappropriate content on social media platforms and the importance of responsible parenting.

Savannah Glembin | Source:

The Emotional Apology from Mom

After her son Gunner was taken away from her home, Savannah was heartbroken and distraught. She shared an emotional video expressing her love and devotion to her child, insisting that she would never intentionally harm him. To Savannah, Gunner was a miracle baby who brought light and joy into her life. She acknowledged the mistake by posting the controversial video but believed it was not enough reason to have her child taken away. In her heart, Savannah knew that she and her husband were good parents who loved their son more than anything in the world.


Shaken by the Experience

After a difficult and traumatic experience, Savannah received some good news when her son Gunner was returned to her care. In a subsequent video, she shared her relief and gratitude to have him back home where he belonged. Savannah also mentioned that her family would take a break from social media. Despite the happy ending, many online users voiced their opinions and reactions to the incident.


Savannah’s story serves as a warning to everyone who shares their lives on social media. It’s essential to be mindful of the potential consequences of our actions, as they can significantly impact our families and lives.

Although Savannah and her husband did not intend any harm, their actions caused a lot of distress for their family. However, we can learn from their mistake and be more careful about how we play with our children and share videos of them on social media.

We hope Savannah’s family has recovered from the traumatic experience and wish them all the best. Let’s all remember that our actions online can have real-world consequences, and make sure to use social media responsibly.



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