Whenever a mother posted pictures of her son with a rare disease, bullies targeted him because of his appearance. The mom was instructed to cease posting images of her child online, but she refused. Instead, she quickly became popular after posting a statement intended for her son’s detractors.

Natasha adored posting images of her son Raedyn to social media and sharing them with her friends and family, as most parents do. But the responses to those pictures online were not what she had anticipated.

Many people asked the mother to remove her son’s photos after realizing how different young Raedyn appeared. They made disparaging remarks, ridiculed her, and made various attempts to knock her down, but the resilient mother refused to be affected by what they said.

He Was Born with a Rare Condition

Raedyn has Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that alters the appearance of a person’s skull, face, and limbs. People are shocked to see images of young Raedyn online because this illness is uncommon.


However, Natasha feels that when people talk about her child, they should be more considerate. Natasha not only sees cruel remarks on her social media pages, but she also hears insulting remarks from others after meeting her child. She stated:

“People just approach me and rudely say: ‘What’s wrong with your child? Or why does your child look like that?’ …that’s not how you talk to a human being.”

They Asked Her to Stop

People believe the caring mother shouldn’t broadcast Raedyn’s pictures and videos on TikTok and Instagram. Hundreds of comments urging her to stop sharing her son’s images are visible to her. Although this is untrue, people also believe the young boy’s condition lowers his quality of life.

Natasha decided to post a video in response to all the cruel remarks she had been receiving from people worldwide.

Natasha vows to continue and wants to let her son’s bullies know that he leads a typical childhood like other kids. She explained that her child doesn’t “look any less” just because his appearance is different.

No Awareness, No Acceptance

Because few people are aware of Raedyn’s illness, so they post hurtful comments about him. They assume from his pictures and videos that he has a challenging existence, and they hold Natasha responsible for letting her child live in such conditions.

The remark-free mother, however, never allowed it to affect her. She stands up for her baby despite all she has read about him, but she cannot understand why others must criticize her son because he looks different.

The young mother acknowledges that explaining her son’s illness over and over might get tiresome. “He deserves life; he deserves acceptance. I will fight until my dying day for that,” Natasha said.

She Has a Message for Everyone

Natasha wants the world to know what she has learned about how people respond when encountering a child with special needs or a rare ailment. She wants people to know that it’s not necessary to condemn or feel sorry for a child just because he looks different. She said, “My son looks a little different, but that doesn’t mean he’s only a lesson to give the world.”

Natasha wants people to know that despite her kid’s unusual genetic issue, she and her son lead normal, happy lives. Raedyn’s illness never gets in the way of their extraordinary mother-son relationship. She works to spread awareness of this issue and believes that soon enough, people will realize that having a child with special needs does not completely alter one’s life.

She Responded with a Video

Natasha decided to release a video in response to the numerous cruel remarks she received from individuals worldwide. Natasha can be seen in the video, which has received more than 5 million views, sitting next to her son’s chair while he faces away from the camera.

She then turns Raedyn’s seat towards the camera and responds to those who advise her not to post her son’s face on social media by asking, “Who’s going to stop me?” To discourage people from harassing her son and other kids like him, his mother posted this video on TikTok.


The Online Response

When internet users learned about Natasha’s difficulties, they were compelled to offer messages of encouragement. Some of the comments they made are included below:

“Look at his smile. Just beautiful. Sadly, people can be so cruel.”

– (@Elise O’Connor) June 21, 2022

“Why are people so awful!! All children are amazing!”

– (@Eunie White) June 22, 2022

“Ignore these ignorant “people.” They’re not worth it. Every child is so special.”

– (@Heather Muir) June 24, 2022

“His personality shines through. If a person asks what is wrong with him, say nothing is wrong with him, but it is a lot wrong with him. My grandchildren sometimes see people with physical or mental challenges, and I try to explain to them that everyone is different in their own way. Or I ask the person if my grandkids can talk to them, ask for themselves, and recognize that they are the same as them, just a little more precious. So remember, he is a little ray of sunshine. [sic]”

– (@Barbara Evans) June 24, 2022

We hope Natasha can spread the word about her son’s condition. We also hope that people come to understand that it’s not necessary to make derogatory remarks anytime they encounter a young child like Raedyn.

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