One young boy became renowned worldwide after news about him spread online. He had been bullied for many years because of his appearance. Despite the odds stacked against him, he started the new school year looking his best this year.

Zanziman Ellie was a miracle infant, according to his mother. She had many failed attempts before she eventually succeeded in having the child she so desperately wanted. Ellie is one of a kind because she was born with microcephaly.

Ellie spent much of his time in the jungle, just like the main character from “The Jungle Book,” exploring the area with his mother, who actually resided there. He was wounded by the constant bullying and ridicule he received daily, and he yearned to escape from the people who were so cruel to him, so he decided to live in the jungle to get away from them.

Because of the effects of his condition on his appearance, his head is considerably smaller than that of a typical infant. He has been made fun of for this throughout his entire life. He and his mother sought shelter in the dense forest of Rwanda to avoid the violence.



Ellie would never have guessed that his unique appearance would one day be why he would never get a second chance. People online took an interest in the situation and decided to take action, in contrast to most people in his community who ignored Ellie and avoided him.

A documentary about the young man was shown on TV, which led to the creation of a GoFundMe page to help the young man get the help and support he needed. Almost immediately, people came forward to help Ellie and his mother and provide them with opportunities to advance in life.


Ellie was also offered the chance to receive special education. He has struggled with his mental abilities as a result of his condition. He is currently enrolled at the Ubumwe Community School in Gisenyi, Rwanda.

His sponsors had also planned a unique surprise for him to experience on his first day of school. Ellie received a stylish outfit as a gift. A waistcoat and jacket were included. He was so happy it showed his face as he wore the elegant getup.


Ellie’s mother thanked God for transforming their circumstances. Tutfitoutfitther said: “He was being ridiculed, and I would often run after him. Currently, he is in school with his peers, and I am so happy. “My son has a good life.”

She was also provided with a place to live, and she reported that all the agony and suffering she had previously experienced had been removed. Ellie is a hero and has come a long way from when bullies used to get to him.

Microcephaly is a condition that currently has no known treatment and has been related to some complications, including epileptic seizures, intellectual disability, developmental delay, issues with feeding, hearing loss, and vision difficulties.

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