Have you been lacking motivation lately? Take the time to hear this motivational story. Rehan Staton is a 24-year-old man from Maryland who has experienced difficulties since he was eight.

His mother had abandoned him, leaving his father and brother as his sole caregivers. “There were frequently no meals on the table and no lights on inside the home,” Rehan Staton said alongside his father.

Rehan Staton: Transformation from Trash Collector to Harvard Law Student

It wasn’t much better at school than at home because of his poor grades and the teachers’ lack of interest in him. All the colleges where he applied for higher education denied him. Staton was employed with Bates Trucking & Trash Removal at the time.


Staton was introduced to a professor at Bowie State University by the son of the business’s owner. After two years of study there, he transferred to Maryland University to continue his studies.

He had to take care of the family after his father suffered a stroke, which is why he worked as a trash collector. At four in the morning, he would begin loading trash into a truck, and after work, he would attend class.

The unfortunate part is that he would remain in the class alone if he didn’t have time to shower after work. He made a lot of sacrifices in this way, both to produce money and to provide for his family.

Rehan Staton with his father


Despite this catastrophe, he graduated in December 2018 and started working for a consulting firm in March of the following year. His fantasies, however, didn’t stop there.

He studied for the LSATs while maintaining a full-time job, and he was accomplished receiving acceptance letters to Harvard Law. He accomplished this goal thanks to his bravery and perseverance, and Carmie McCook gave him a lot of encouragement.

She is his mentor and the coordinator of a “GoFundMe” fundraising effort to pay for his tuition.

Rehan Staton: Transformation from Trash Collector to Harvard Law Student

Rehan Staton

At one point, Rehan Staton, now 24 years old, believed he would never attend college. Because he had already experienced so many rejections, he was certain that his future lay somewhere else.

His hesitation in viewing the email from Harvard Law School was, as a result, great. He had no notion he would be getting a letter of admission. He acknowledges that it was perhaps the most bizarre time in his life.

“I just felt like we got into Harvard after everything we went through as a family, and I just don’t know how to describe it,” the author said. We were the ones.

Rehan’s future is bright thanks to being admitted into Harvard Law, but things weren’t always so good.

Rehan’s world was turned upside down when his mother fled his family and the country when he was 8. He and his older brother Reggie Staton were about to go through a very tough period due to it.

Rehan’s father lost his work and had to take on three other occupations to support the family, which added to the family’s bad luck. Nevertheless, despite his father’s best efforts, financial difficulties persisted, and destitution crept in.

In an open Facebook post to his brother Reggie, Rehan reflects, “We frequently experienced power outages in the seventh grade, leaving us without a lot of food to eat.

Do you recall that year when my professors attempted to place me in a special program?

Rehan Staton with his brother

Then a young Reggie came up with and put into action plans to feed Rehan and help him improve his grades. Rehan’s grades did rise, and he was made an honor student.

But with time, his attention began to veer away from academics and toward sports. To help his younger brother achieve his sporting objectives, a supportive Reggie immediately started exercising with him.

But as Rehan began to experience medical issues, more bad luck awaited him. His hopes of receiving a sports scholarship began to dwindle over time as he received rejection letters from institutions.

Rehan Staton with Carmie McCook

When Rehan’s father experienced a stroke, bad luck struck once more. In addition to returning to his job as a sanitation worker. For the first time in my life, I felt truly empowered, inspired, and respected by a group of individuals.

I believed in the hype, so I was prepared to start school. However, Rehan didn’t have much time to study due to his family’s financial obligations.

Reggie eventually made the ultimate sacrifice by deferring his college enrollment so Rehan could take its place since he recognized the potential in his brother. He diligently cared for the family’s financial needs while his younger brother continued his education.

Rehan continued to the University of Maryland with a 4.0-grade point average. Bad luck struck again when Rehan’s father suffered a stroke. Along with going back to his job as a sanitation worker.

Rehan Staton: Transformation from Trash Collector to Harvard Law Student

Young Rehan Staton worked as a sanitation worker and never thought he would go to college. He had no notion that in the fall of 2020, he would be admitted to Harvard Law School.

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