When discussing the relationship between a parent and a child, everyone has a range of unique feelings. After he decided to make some changes in his life, this mother found a letter that her son, who was then 6 years old, had written to her. This note touched everyone’s feelings. An amoebic infection was the cause of Leland Shoemake’s death in 2015.

Amber, the boy’s mother, decided to post the letter on Facebook, in which she proclaimed, “He is the most beautiful gift I have received in my life.” In 2015, the youngster, who was six years old, passed away. “He is my world; he made me a mother.” His mother decided to write a piece describing her son’s interests.

Amber also shared some of the memories she had of her cherished child throughout their conversation. “He liked ships and history. Leland was always watching documentaries about wars, technological inventions, etc. His favorite actor was Adam Sandler.”

“Leland was a special child who won the hearts of all of us. He loved his father and brother very much. We were very happy when he smiled and played. He was the center of our family and was the highlight of our days.”


Amber stated in her letter that she was moved when she found the message that her son had left her.

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Unfortunately, even though their son was well and had a long life ahead of him, he fell victim to a disease that eventually resulted in death. During the two weeks he spent in the hospital, his parents saw the steady worsening of his condition. His parents decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the required medical care that their son would require.

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Even though they successfully raised enough money for Leland’s treatment, he was still unable to live. “Our son was a wonderful boy, and we wanted him to win this fight,” said his mother and father. His mother expressed her gratitude to her son, who was just 6 years old, for the motivation he had provided. Amber looked up to her son as a role model for someone brave, loving, and energetic.

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