Rich Old Man Dresses as Homeless and Visits Huge Grocery Store to Determine His Heir


Mr. Larry Hutchins considered not having a will when he was 90. He went to his grocery shop looking for his next heir one day while posing as a homeless man. That wasn’t simple for him, though.

The richest and oldest grocery store owner in Texas, Mr. Hutchins, was 90 years old. The man had hazelnut eyes and hair that had a grayish gloss, which made him extremely attractive for his age, but his work prevented him from using his charm; thus, he was left without a wife and children.

As Mr. Hutchins aged, he started to worry about not producing an heir. Who would get my fortune if I passed away? Mr. Hutchins thought about it for a day.

He wasn’t charitable enough to give everything to a good cause because he preferred to give it to someone who would value it. Giving everything to a buddy was yet another choice, but Mr. Hutchins wasn’t interested in doing that because he had learned that there are more foes than friends in the business world.

So when he was out of options, he called Mr. William Carter, his lawyer, and asked for guidance.


“What are your thoughts, William?” Mr. Hutchins asked his lawyer on call. “I thought about it, but I can’t make up my mind.”

“Well, Mr. Hutchins, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to give it to a charity, so let’s rule that out first.” Do you have any known distant relatives?”

“When you’re orphaned at a young age, no one wants to take your responsibility, Will,” Mr. Hutchins reflected on his tragic past. “I came to Texas with almost nothing, and it took me several years to establish myself. So I’d like to give it to someone who understands the true meaning of it rather than someone based on blood relations.”

“Well, sir, this isn’t a typical case.” I’ll think about it if you give me some time. Let’s have a meeting this coming Friday. By then, I’d have thought of something.”

Mr. Hutchins called his lawyer for advice | Photo: Pexels

Mr. Hutchins said, “Sure, Will,” and then hung up. He was certain, though, after hearing William’s reaction, that he would not be able to address his issues any time soon.

The next day, Mr. Hutchins sat in his study with a notepad and began compiling a list of probable heirs to his estate. No new names had been added to the list in several hours.

Mr. Hutchins was dejected and getting ready to leave when he angrily threw his pen. But at that exact moment, he had an idea. Why don’t you test my staff members? Mr. Hutchins took a break. I mean, there might be someone who shares my knowledge of how it feels to reap the rewards of one’s hard work.

The following day, he wore his worst clothing and purchased a used cane. Before arriving at his grocery store destination, he wore a fake beard.

“Go away, old man!” the cashier, Lincy, yelled. “People like you are not allowed in here!”

“But, ma’am, I’m just here for some food.” I haven’t eaten in days. “I need your help,” Mr. Hutchins begged.

“Well, then, I guess you’re in the wrong place,” Lincy said coldly. “Homeless people like you beg on the streets.” You don’t deserve to be in such a posh establishment!”

Mr. Hutchins was ridiculed at the grocery store | Photo: Shutterstock

Mr. Hutchins was ridiculed at the grocery store | Photo: Shutterstock

Oh no, I have some nasty workers. I might be able to locate my heir among the guests. Mr. Hutchins considered his options and went around the food shelves but failed.

“Who let this man in here?” yelled a woman in the line. “Wait, don’t get too close.” “You smell like garbage meat!”

But, ma’am. Mr. Hutchins was stopped before he could complete his thought.

“I know, right!” exclaimed another man. “Give him some money and shoo him away.”

When Mr. Hutchins tried explaining to them that all he wanted was some food, a saleswoman approached him.

“You need to get out of here right now! Our customers are voicing their dissatisfaction, and we can’t let that go! By the way, how did you even get in, huh? “Didn’t the guards stop you?”

“Yes, please, Linda,” Mr. Drummonds, a regular at the store, said. “Get him away from my eyesight, or I will never revisit this store! And tell the guards not to let such scumbags in!”

“Sorry for the inconvenience, sir,” Linda apologized. “I’ll have him escorted right now!”

Lewis stepped in to assist Mr. Hutchins | Photo: Pexels

Lewis stepped in to assist Mr. Hutchins | Photo: Pexels

Wow! Some of the harshest people in the world frequent this store! Mr. Hutchins thought as he got ready to go. However, a voice from behind him suddenly stopped him. “Everyone, get away from the old man!”

Lewis, the store administrator, was standing there when Mr. Hutchins turned around. He was 25 years old, the youngest customer in the store, and a college student who had left his studies early due to financial difficulties.

“But Lewis, do you think Mr. Hutchins would have tolerated such a man at the store?” Lucy said. “I’m sure he wouldn’t have let him in!”

“I know Mr. Hutchins better than you, Lincy, so get back to your work before I report this to him,” he said and then turned to Mr. Hutchins. “Please come with me, sir.” “I apologize for my staff’s rude behavior.”

Lewis led Mr. Hutchins inside before getting a basket and stocking it with groceries. Mr. Hutchins’s eyes welled as he delivered the groceries and paid the bill.

“Thank you, young man,” he said, trembling. “By the way, would you mind if I asked you a question?”

“Sure, sir,” Lewis replied, smiling.

Mr. Hutchins finally found his heir I Photo: Pexels

Mr. Hutchins finally found his heir. I Photo: Pexels

“Why did you go against everyone to feed a homeless man like me?” Mr. Hutchins inquired, perplexed. “You could have kicked me out, and your boss would never have known.”

“Well, sir,” Lewis continued, “There was a time when I came to my boss looking for work.” I didn’t have anything with me. I was inexperienced; I didn’t even have a place to stay. But Mr. Hutchins, my boss, offered me a job and paid for a small apartment on the condition that I work hard. That day, I realized how important it is to be kind to others.

Mr. Hutchins smiled at him warmly. “This is the end of your search, Larry,” he said to himself. You’ve at last located your heir. He expressed his thanks to Lewis once more and left.

When Mr. Hutchins left for his heavenly home seven years later, Lewis got a call from Mr. Carter. He disclosed to Lewis that Mr. Hutchins had left him everything, including a brief note outlining his homeless character and the judgment process behind selecting him as his inheritor.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Learn to be kind and respect others. The way Lewis treats Mr. Hutchins is a brilliant example of this.
  • Good things happen to good people. Hucthins was moved by Lewis’ sincerity and hard work and decided to choose him as his heir.

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