“Roseanne” star Roseanne Barr, 70, returned to Hollywood nearly five years after she was fired and “lost everything.”

She looks stunning in a photo after flirting with Rihanna’s boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, with long hair and cosmetics.

Sara Gilbert, a TV star, was described by Barr as having “destroyed” her life.

Roseanne Barr, the star of the successful television program “Roseanne,” has back. The actress has been out of the public eye for a significant period, but she has just returned to Hollywood with a new comedy program that bears her name and is titled “Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!”

With the release of a new documentary on her long and complicated career, the actress was also given some additional excellent news. Her comeback to show business comes after she made a comment that was seen as insensitive about Valerie Jarrett, an advisor to the president, in 2018.


As her comedy show was canceled in 2018, the actress said she “lost everything.” The event occurred when her popular television program began its season premiere. But, because of what was said, television network officials concluded that the wise thing to do would be to cancel the reboot before it started airing.

Barr said it seemed like a personal attack on her as her character was killed off.

A user comment on Roseanne Barr's Instagram page, 2023 | Source:

A user comment on Roseanne Barr’s Instagram page, 2023 | Source:

Barr, though, avoided lying down. While recalling the years that followed 2018, she said it was discouraging to be ignored wherever she went. She requested a chance to apologize and explain to the studio executives, but they refused. And they took away my ability to apologize,” she said.

Fortunately, Barr has rebounded and is now talking openly about her experiences from 2018 to the present. She has limited her Twitter activity to concentrate on her Instagram presence. Moreover, supporters have chimed in, saying, “You look fabulous, Roseanne.”

A user comment on Roseanne Barr's Instagram page, 2023 | Source:

A user comment on Roseanne Barr’s Instagram page, 2023 | Source:

Once Barr, 70, revealed her “makeup & long hair” look, many people expressed their approval in the blog’s comment area. One said, “You look AMAZING!!!!” In line with her new-found confidence, Barr sent A$AP Rocky a message, saying, “Call me when you get tired of Rihanna.”

Sara Gilbert, who appeared on the show “Roseanne” as Roseanne Barr’s on-screen daughter, also joined in on the explosive tweet.

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In an Instagram photo, Barr showed a bright smile while showing off her newly cut hair and painted nails. Instagram users gave her praise for the interview that was taking place at the time the photo was shot since she seemed to be happy to be back after the controversy.

After being canceled, how did Roseanne Barr feel?

Barr’s life was greatly affected by the fact that she was dismissed from her job and vilified by many people who had originally supported her and worked with her. She said that she was completely by herself in her thoughts and feelings. She said that it seemed to her as if she was being attacked from all sides by people who were envious of her and wanted to see her fall.

Gilbert was a big influence behind the show’s rebirth, and she spoke with Barr to ensure she was keen to be a part of it.

Barr also said that she felt like she was the victim of a personal attack after her character’s death. It was a clear indication to her that they no longer wanted her to be a part of their lives, as well as a rejection of her professional achievements. She stated that:

“I’m the only person who’s lost everything, whose life’s work was stolen by people I thought loved me.”

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Barr stated that it was difficult, even though she had survived the show being canceled. She referred to it as a “witch-burning” and “terrifying” event in her life, stating that “I would die many times.”Β Β during this period. Even though she is relieved to be home, she is certain that the ordeal will not be something she soon forgets.

What Was Sara Gilbert Up to Before Barr’s Cancellation?

After Barr’s controversial comments, numerous prominent Hollywood figures took to social media to show their disdain for her words. Everyone from Shonda Rhimes to Congressman John Lewis criticized her, accusing her of being insensitive and urging her to apologize for what she said. But one accusatory comment left a deeper mark than the rest.

Sara Gilbert, who appeared on the show “Roseanne” as Roseanne Barr’s on-screen daughter, also chimed in on the explosive tweet. Gilbert was a major factor behind the idea to reboot the show, and she kept in contact with Barr to verify the other’s enthusiasm for being a part of it.

Roseanne Barr and Sara Gilbert in a scene from "Roseanne," 2017 | Source: Getty Images

Roseanne Barr and Sara Gilbert in a scene from “Roseanne,” 2017 | Source: Getty Images

Nevertheless, after Barr’s tweet, Gilbert went on Instagram to state that the showrunners and the rest of the team did not share the views expressed in the tweet. Gilbert also said that the views expressed in the tweet were not true. Gilbert referred to the tweet as “abhorrent” and said that the show does not reflect what was implied in the tweet in any way. Barr provided the following reply to Gilbert’s statement:

“She destroyed the show and my life with that tweet. She will never get enough until she consumes my liver with a fine Chianti.”

Sara Gilbert on September 19, 2019 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Sara Gilbert on September 19, 2019, in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Gilbert responded that her goals were never to damage the actress, even though Barr attributed Gilbert’s remark to a significant portion of her fall from grace. Instead, she said that the show’s end was very painful for her and that she would always regard Barr as a part of her family.

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