Ryan Reynolds Sells His Wireless Company for More Than $1 Billion: ‘So Proud and Excited.’

“We are so happy T-Mobile beat out an aggressive last-minute bid from my mom,”

Reynolds made a note of the acquisition in a statement.

It looks like Ryan Reynolds will be quite successful in his business ventures.

Mint Mobile is one of several companies in which Reynolds is an investor, and T-Mobile made a statement on Wednesday that it would be acquiring Mint Mobile for $1.35 billion.


Bloomberg claims that the amount he owns is “significant,” even though the exact amount he possesses is not published. According to Variety, his share may be as high as 25 %.

Ryan Reynolds said that Mint Mobile is the best deal in wireless and that the recent news will further improve their ability to serve customers. He also joked that they were pleased T-Mobile won the bid for the acquisition, despite facing a last-minute bid from his mother, Tammy Reynolds. Reynolds added that T-Mobile’s 5G network is an excellent strategic fit for Mint Mobile, unlike his mother’s “slightly above-average mahjong skills.”


Ryan Reynolds expressed his pride and excitement for the future of the entire Mint team.

According to the announcement, the second-largest mobile phone service provider in the United States will pay a combined total of $1.35 billion for Mint, consisting of 39% cash and 61% stock. As part of the agreement, Reynolds will continue to play a creative role in the business after the deal is finalized.


As part of the media announcement, Reynolds and Mike Sievert, the CEO of T-Mobile, published a brief video announcing the company’s acquisition. The humorous video was produced by one of Reynolds’ other businesses, Maximum Effort Advertising, and features Sievert talking seriously about the merger and Reynolds saying hilarious one-liners like, “Nice to have a new dad!” before hugging his new partner.


Reynolds, who is very clever in business, has made a number of significant deals in recent years, including this one. In 2020, he parted ways with his Aviation American Gin and sold it to the European beverage business Diageo in a transaction valued at approximately $610 million.

In the wake of the announcement of the massive acquisition, the actor known as Deadpool, who is 43 years old, set up his email at the alcohol brand with a hilarious out-of-office message. In the message, he apologized to many people, including his wife, Blake Lively, for jokingly telling them “to go f––kf themselves in the last 24 hours” after finding out how much money he would be making from the sale.

He wrote in his auto-response email that he was currently out of the office but would still be working hard to sell Aviation Gin for quite a long time.

Even though the company has been sold, the actor, who was the creative director of the brand and a co-owner of the brand along with Davos Brands, will continue to have a continuing ownership interest in Aviation Gin.

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