60 lives were saved by 13-year-old Dillon Reeves.

He stopped the bus after the driver experienced a medical crisis.

He’s now hailed as a hometown hero!

Unbeknownst to us, we are all seated next to heroes. For the students at Carter Middle School, it was Dillon Reeves, 13, who saved their lives.

When the school bus driver suddenly became dizzy and passed out, Dillon was one of the 60 kids on board.


A potentially deadly tragedy was averted by the courageous 13-year-old boy’s fast action to stop the bus.

How Dillon Reeves Saved 60 Lives

The afternoon was ordinary. Steve Reeves, Dillon’s dad, was getting supper ready while he waited for his son to get home from school.

As Steve and his wife Ireta waited, they noticed the kids being dropped off and dashing to the park, which immediately alerted them to an unusual situation.

The accident crossroads were visible to Steve’s wife as she made the decision to walk up to the park. However, the police had already begun phoning, informing the parents of their son’s brave act before she could even ask her husband if Dillon had arrived home.

The driver of Dillon’s bus had earlier experienced dizziness. The intercom announcement she made explaining that she would have to stop was heard by everyone. However, before she could stop the car where she meant to, she had already passed out.

Dillon dropped his suitcase, sprinted to the driver’s seat from the fifth row, stepped on the brakes, and attempted to put the gear in the park when he became aware that the bus was speeding into oncoming traffic while unattended. Even yelling for someone to call 911 for the bus driver, he was quite loud.

The unconscious bus driver | Source: ABC News

The unconscious bus driver | Source: ABC News

The kids have fortunately transferred to another bus thanks to the fast response of the Warren Police and Fire Departments.

Each child was able to get off that bus alive thanks to Dillon’s bravery in halting it. The bus is said to have struck a house as well as numerous cars. One commentator on Facebook yelled, “He’s a local hero.”

Dillion Reeves stopping the car after driver faints | Source: News

Dillion Reeves stopping the car after driver faints | Source: News

Robert D. Livernois, the superintendent of Warren Consolidated Schools, was impressed by Dillon’s composure while exerting all of his might to push the breaks. “An extraordinary act of courage and maturity,” he called it.

Even on social media, people complimented the teen boy’s bravery and noted that his fast thinking will be a valuable trait for him to have in his future professional endeavors. A user said, “This kid is a great example of a humanitarian great job.”

Dillon’s parents also received appreciation for raising such a courageous son and giving him the required training. “Oh, good God! Teach your kids the essential lessons of life! You never know!” a commenter remarked.

One person went so far as to comment that Dillon’s story had made their year and how fortunate Steve and Irete were to have raised such a devout young man.

Above all, fans were happy that the lives of so many children were saved because no one could even begin to speculate as to what may have happened if Dillon had not acted.

Internet users are confident that Dillon, 13, will be able to use his fearlessness and quick reflexes to his advantage as a fireman after learning he wants to pursue that career from his parents.

How the 13-year-old knew what to do to stop the bus was a mystery to many, including Dillon’s parents. But according to his father, Dillon pays attention when he drives around with him.

Steve remarked that his son has consistently paid attention, both when he is with him and when riding the school bus. Irete questioned her son about how he was able to assume command, and he replied, “I watched her do it every day.”

Dillon was Celebrated by his Community

The boy’s parents spoke at a news conference honoring his bravery, expressing their pride in him and their wonder at the extraordinary experience. MacombCountyProsecutor

While attempting to contain her tears, his mother stated, While attempting to contain her tears, his mother stated, “To even view that video again, doing something like this floods my heart and makes my heart skip a beat. I simply… I’m so proud that words fail me. He has my utmost admiration.

Steve continued by asking why their boy did something so courageous. But it’s an honor; we have a tiny hero, he proudly exclaimed.

Steve and Ireta are thankful that all kids are safe and that their son was in charge of such a big affair, even though the experience has been a roller coaster of emotions. The parents expressed their gratitude to God for raising a good child.

According to reports, the bus driver is receiving the necessary medical care while in the hospital, and the kids are getting counseling to help them process this terrifying event.

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