The three main aims of parenting are the same everywhere: protecting children’s health and safety, preparing them for adulthood, and passing down cultural values. Healthy development depends on a strong relationship between parents and children.

Parenting some people are not able to accomplish it. Seth Rogen admits it’s not for him if you ask him directly. The actor is satisfied with his and his wife of over ten years, Lauren Miller, the decision not to have children, and don’t worry; he’s not scared to talk about it.

In a recent conversation with the three-parent Howard Stern, Rogen discussed his reasons for being content that he doesn’t have children. He has appeared in films like “Knocked Up” and “Neighbors” as an actor.

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On The Howard Stern Show, Rogen said, “I wouldn’t be able to do all this work that I like.”


People frequently ask me, “How do you do so much?” I guess I felt awkward addressing this question in the past. I can only say that I don’t have children.

I’m done with everything else. Stern advised Rogen that he couldn’t be narcissistic as a parent because he needed to devote himself to his children and make them his top priority.

The reply from Rogen? I don’t want that, you know. I don’t find that to be enjoyable. Then why? There are enough kids in existence.

Rogen said to Stern that his wife “wants babies even less than I do,” despite having been in comedic films like “Superbad” and “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.”

I might be persuaded to do it, he continued.

She responds, “No.”

What then makes them both so adamantly say “no thank you” when they are parents?

One thing is for sure: they are as content with their life as they are now. He said, “I don’t know anyone who gets as much joy out of their kids as we do out of our non-kids.”

We are genuinely excited at all times! On Saturday mornings, we sit in bed, smoking pot and binge-watching movies. We could not possibly be doing this if we were parents.

He’s accurate.

You better really desire kids if you’re going to have any.

You love them so deeply that you’re ready for them to take over all of your thoughts, and you can’t even begin to picture your existence without them.

Otherwise? Stop doing it.

Rogen has repeatedly expressed his happiness in not having children.

He explained through Zoom to Jimmy Kimmel that not having children made it simple for him and his wife to stay home in April 2020, one month after the pandemic began.

When I’m lying on my deathbed alone and haven’t spoken to anyone in 15 years, I’ll think, “It was worth it.” Many parents find it impossible to picture their lives without their children, but Rogen does not want to live with his.

I believe that everything turns out for the best.

The universe continues to revolve.

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