When Amanda learned that Bear was a lost and abandoned dog in the mountains near Evan’s Creek, she immediately took action.

They set off to look for the lone dog with the help of her friend Dylan.

Amanda and Dylan tried to bribe Bear for over an hour with food and treats, but their strategy didn’t work.

When they came back the following day, Bear was still there. Again, they failed to get him to approach so they could assist him.

At that point, the girls had, to put it mildly, an original thought.


They decided that Amanda would lie down and “play dead,” pretending to need assistance.

Said and done: The following day, Amanda positioned herself on the ground near where she believed Bear was.

Then, two hours later, something warmed countless animal friends’ hearts.

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A dog was discovered at a campsite in Evans Creek, Washington State, by a passing motorist.

The dog had a terrifying and underweight appearance. As soon as the driver tried to approach the dog, he became hostile.

A few days later, Amanda, a young woman, learned about Bear, the wild dog.

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To try and save the dog and get him to an animal hospital, Amanda and her buddy Dylan decide.

With little success, they tried luring Bear in with treats. Still too wary of approaching people, the dog remained suspicious.

Then Amanda decided to try a slightly different strategy.

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She pretended to be dead while curled up in the fetal position.

The spirit of assistance seemed to be embodied by Bear not long after that.

For twenty minutes, he walked up to Amanda and gave her a sniff; after that, he lost interest and left.

Amanda, though, persisted. He arrived back an hour later. The previous time, he merely sat next to Amanda.

Within the next two hours, Amanda gained Bear’s trust and made him feel safe.

He walked after her to the car, where they went to the veterinarian together.

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The assistance Bear so urgently needed has at last been provided. Many thanks to his beautiful animal companions who never gave up on him.

Without success, the dog’s owner has been sought after by the animal care organization Lost & Found Pets in Washington.

Thankfully, a family expressed a desire to adopt Bear, so he now has a warm home!

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