One month after the birth of their son, a man’s wife left him, leaving him to raise their child on his own. The man’s journey into his new job as a single parent was difficult initially, but he eventually got the hang of things. He had no idea that the boy was not his biological son and that he would soon be forced to give up his relationship with his adopted son.

On January 22, 2019, Dominique Hermann from New Jersey was overjoyed to become a father for the first time to his son, Sa’kye Dominique. Even though the newborn was Hermann’s third child, he expressed the same excitement as a first-time parent.

On the other hand, Hermann’s life was turned upside down by an unforeseen event one month after the birth of his child. The mother of his child got up and left, never to be seen again. Hermann


The sole parent

Hermann had little choice but to bring up his child by himself after the baby’s mother abruptly left him and the newborn. He was ready for the task despite not knowing how to care for a baby.

The father disclosed that he had hired the help of a babysitter, who did not demand any payment from him. Meanwhile, his family was there to aid him in raising the child, and Hermann soon got the hang of what needed to be done. When Dominique was four months old, he recalled, his parents started helping him.

While dreaming about what the future held for him and his child, the man raising his child on his own wondered why fate had placed him in such a difficult situation. At that point, he was completely unaware that he would not be able to keep his baby with him forever. Hermann

Surprising Information

Hermann became a parent for the third time when he turned 40, and he freely said that having children was not one of his goals before that time in his lifetime. Despite this, he worked very hard to become an excellent parent to his child, not realizing that life would soon provide him with a difficult circumstance.

Hermann agreed to give Dominique up to his biological family because he felt helpless.

Hermann had cared for his child, Dominique, for nine months when he got the shocking news that he was not Dominique’s biological father. And he had no choice but to hand over his baby boy, who was only 10 months old then, to a family he had never met before.

Giving Back the Baby

Hermann’s emotions were all over the place when he discovered Domninique’s biological father wanted him back. He had never expected to be forced by a court order to prepare for his baby’s farewell.

Hermann routinely updated followers on his Instagram account (@chefdomcreates) with new information about his baby. The man stated in an emotional post that he felt “like he had to return Dominique to his biological father like a rented toy.” Dominique was his son. He added:

“I hope he’s in God’s hands and will forever be my son.”

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Tragedy Strikes

Hermann, who felt helpless, did give in and agreed to send Dominique back to her birth family. Despite the fact that it was difficult for him, he was forced to comply with the court’s orders because he could sympathize with what the biological father was likely going through and because the court had ordered him to do so.

“If I were his dad, I would want him back too.”

After meeting with Dominique’s original family, Hermann stated that he found it difficult to hold them liable for anything. Instead, he expressed gratitude for them, even though his first reaction was to protect the child by always holding him close.

It was a battle.

Dominique’s biological father took him away on November 22, 2019; in the process, he took a piece of Hermann’s heart with him. Hermann had been looking forward to celebrating his baby’s first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthday with Dominique, so he felt a lot of sadness when Dominique’s biological father took him away.

“I know your new Dad and family are going to learn to love you like my family and me,”

After that, the broken-hearted father wrote. Even though it devastated his heart, he prayed that everything would work out for the best for his baby.

Hermann struggled to adjust to his new life after saying goodbye to little Dominique. The absence of the baby had created a void that anyone else could not fill. After spending the past 10 months developing a strong bond with his son, he found that he could not imagine his life without him. The father sorely missed the infant.

Another Surprise

Since Dominique had left, Hermann had been going through the most difficult two months of his life until an incredible chance came knocking on his door. Dominique’s biological father, Hermann, invited Hermann and his family to meet the child.

When Hermann and the son finally reunited after two months apart, the latter took a touching photo of the kid sleeping with his head on Hermann’s chest. While Hermann had given up hope of ever seeing his son again, Dominique’s biological father brought happiness to Hermann’s life.

Since that day, Hermann has made it a habit of posting pictures and videos of his son on Instagram, sharing with the world how much he aspires for him and how much he misses him. A year after Dominique’s original father took him away, Hermann posted a video of that day and said he had eventually accepted God’s plans for his life. In the video, Dominique’s birth father can be seen saying goodbye to his son.

Hermann found it challenging to get through life without Dominique, but eventually, he figured out how. His story demonstrates how unpredictable life can be and how he didn’t give up even when things were at their worst for him.

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