Even though Jerry Windle was a single gay man, his only goal in life was to become a parent. When he decided to adopt Jordan in Cambodia, he had no idea that his son would one day serve as a source of motivation for people worldwide.

Even though he had run into problems while trying to adopt, the magazine article about another single gay man’s adoption journey gave him hope that he had lost.

He got in touch with the orphanage in Cambodia right away. Months later, he arrived in Cambodia to pursue becoming a father. While there, he met Jordan and fell in love with her immediately. Jordan was a sickly two-year-old who weighed only 16 pounds.

Jerry wasn’t even sure how long baby Jordan would live. He promised him that he would do everything in his power to ensure he would never have to endure that kind of pain again. According to Jerry, he would make every possible compromise as a parent to provide him with every opportunity.

Jordan Windle reacts after placing second in the men's 10 meter platform final and qualifying for the Olympic team during the 2021 U.S Olympic trials - Diving - Day 7 at Indiana University Natatorium on June 12, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana | Source: Getty Images


Jordan Windle reacts after placing second in the men’s 10-meter platform final and qualifying for the Olympic team during the 2021 U.S Olympic trials – Diving – Day 7 at Indiana University Natatorium on June 12, 2021, in Indianapolis, Indiana | Source: Getty Images


When Jordan was seven years old, he enjoyed swimming under the sea. Jerry encouraged him to pursue this new interest and enrolled him in a summer program that teaches swimming and other water sports.

Two years later, he won his first junior national championship, an amazing feat showing how much he loved diving.

Jordan worked hard to improve his diving abilities. When he turned sixteen, he returned to Cambodia, his country of origin, to participate in a diving competition there. He even conversed with a few young people whose lives and talents he had touched.

Unfortunately, Jerry could not attend his son’s competition due to COVID-19 limitations. But that didn’t depress Jordan.


According to Jordan, it was a great experience for him to speak to them in their language through a translator and share with them where he came from and how his father helped him develop into the figure he is today.


Jordan was proud to represent the U.S. at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which took place six years after he had a life-changing trip to Cambodia.

In addition to that, he stated that he would always carry Cambodia in his spirit. He was very proud of the tattoo of the Cambodian flag on his arm, and he could hardly wait to flaunt it.

Jordan has tried twice in the past to get ready for the Olympics, but both times he failed. After three attempts, he earned a second-place finish in the 10-meter platform dive.

Jordan had the intention of using this occasion to motivate other people.

According to Jordan, there are many people and eyes on him, but it just makes him excited to perform at his best and demonstrate that all of his hard work will hopefully pay off.

Regrettably, Jerry could not witness his son compete due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Jordan, however, did not let this bring him down. His plans to watch and appreciate the Olympics didn’t change at all. Jordan said:

“I wish he were there, but that doesn’t change what I’m going there to do: have fun, show off a little bit, and put on a show for everyone. That’s going to be my intention, and I’m hopefully going to make him proud.”

The father and son team even wrote a book, “An Orphan No More: The True Story of a Boy,” published together. The novel was great for the whole family to read together because it used animal characters to illustrate the changing power of love.

When Jerry told his son he would give him every chance he could, Jordan’s life changed forever. Jordan’s strength and determination in the face of trouble keep inspiring people.

Jerry is incredibly pleased with his son’s achievements, even though he was disappointed not to be able to attend the Olympics himself.

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