Sadly, finding loving homes for every foster child in the world is currently unattainable, despite the best efforts of millions of kind individuals.

But, finding a foster family for a child is a difficult and lengthy process, and more young boys and girls enter the system every week. Sometimes they have no relatives to turn to because their parents have passed away. However, more often than not, their parents are incapable of raising them, and as a result, for months or even years, they may be without a secure, loving home.

Although heartbreaking and challenging, finding homes for foster children is nothing compared to doing so for children who are terminally ill.

You did read that correctly.

They exist and are just as deserving of warmth and care as anyone else. You may not have ever considered the prospect that there are terminally ill children without a family that loves themβ€”I know I certainly hadn’tβ€”but it’s a reality.


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Mohamed Bzeek, 62, of Azuza, California, has dedicated his life to improving the lives of these unfortunate kids.

He has reportedly been housing foster children since 1989 when he and his then-wife Dawn started doing so. Sadly, the couple lost one of their foster children in 1991, which altered their perspective on the situation and pointed them toward their true calling.

Mohamed has been concentrating on fostering children who are ill or at the end of their lives for the past 30 years.

According to Mohamed, the secret is treating them as though they were your own.

“I understand they are ill. I am aware that they will perish. I try to live up to my human potential and leave the rest to God.

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Simply put, Mohamed and Dawn could not face the idea of children being deprived of the affection and warmth a parent provides, especially during their final few months.

After the couple’s 2013 divorce, Mohamed kept on his charitable work and has since made every attempt to improve the lives of California’s foster children.

The 62-year-old has buried ten children, according to sources. Even some of them have passed away in his protective arms. He claims to have taken care of 80 kids in total.

“My house is the only one in Los Angeles that admits orphans and youngsters who are going to die,” he declared. Since 1989, I’ve interacted with 80 kids. In my arms, ten children passed away.

The 6-year-old girl Mohamed is currently caring for has a rare brain condition that has rendered her blind, deaf, and crippled in her arms and legs. Mohamed is spending his time helping her. She needs 24-hour care due to her condition.

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Mohamed said I always converse with her even though she can’t see or hear me. “I hold her all the time, play with her, and touch her. She feels things. She is spiritual. She is a living being.

Doctors declared nothing more could be done medically to save the girl’s life when she was just two years old. However, it is because of Mohamed’s care that she is still alive and fighting four years later.

In an interview last year, Mohamed stated, “In the hospital, they give birth, then leave them.” Their families refuse to identify them. I write their names where it says “Baby boy” or “Baby girl.” I name each of them.

Mohamed, a former immigrant from Libya who came to the US 40 years ago to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, said that taking care of sick children had a toll.

I am aware of the heartache, he admitted. “I understand how much labor it is and how occasionally it will damage me. You see, I’m depressed. However, in my opinion, we ought to support one another.

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The achievements of this outstanding guy have not gone unrecognized. He has a solid reputation in the California adoption community.

When someone calls us and says, “This kid has to go home on hospice,” there is just one name we think of, according to DCFS intake coordinator Melissa Testerman.

He is the only one who would take a child that might not survive.

I don’t know about you, but I believe that kind people like Mohamed should receive much more respect and acclaim than they do.

I started crying as I read about this man’s endeavors. Mohamed, I appreciate everything you’ve done and are doing. You truly are a hero.

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