Katie Page, who lives in Parker, Colorado, claims she could not ignore the similarities between her son and daughter when she brought them into the world one year apart.

Katie Price was only 30 years old when her marriage ended, but rather than wallow in ego, she saw it as a chance to start a new and exciting phase of her life.

She got a new job, moved to a new house in Colorado, and became a foster parent.

A caseworker contacted Katie in 2016 and requested a baby boy who was just four days old and had been abandoned at a hospital. Because he didn’t have a name, Katie chose to call him Grayson.

After keeping Grayson for eleven months, a judge ruled that his biological parents no longer had the right to claim him as their own, and Katie was given the right to refer to herself as Grayson’s mother.


But destiny would have it that she would soon find herself holding another baby, which would greatly affect her and her son’s lives.

Katie found that she enjoyed being a mother and quickly realized she was eager to add to her family. As a result, she decided that after two years, she would explore the possibility of adopting another kid for Grayson to have as a sibling.

But only one month later, Katie received a phone call from another social worker about a newborn infant girl who had been abandoned at the same hospital where Grayson had been treated.

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Hannah joined Katie and Grayson at their house a few hours later.

However, it wasn’t until she looked at Hannah’s hospital bracelet that she noticed the mother’s name was the same as Grayson’s. At that point, she began to wonder why that was the case.

According to Hannah’s investigation into Hannah’s case reports and DNA test results, Grayson and Hannah shared the same biological mother, making them half-siblings.

Katie thought the babies did not come from the same mother because the biological mother had given different last names when she placed the babies for adoption. Nobody at the adoption agency had any inkling that the children were related to one another either. When Katie, a single mother, brought up the possibility, her family and friends were shocked.

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Katie admits that she wasn’t expecting the popularity her family’s story would receive, but she intends to tell the touching tale to her children, Hannah and Grayson when they are older.

According to Katie, Grayson and Hannah reportedly have a great time getting to know each other.

They never make life dull. They go together like peas in a pod. Princess Hannah is so exploratory, especially now that both are walking. Grayson has feelings for Hannah. She enjoys going everywhere he does and participating in everything that he does. They are the cutest team ever, attempting to figure things out and learn everything there is to know about everything.

Thanks to supermom Katie, they can now develop together.

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