Numerous dogs are known to have a unique toy that they consider to be their ultimate best friend, ranking it above all other options. These items have the potential to provide a great deal of happiness and solace to our pets.

Most of the time, however, strays that are left to care for themselves do not have any toys. Because of this, when one homeless dog fell in love with a stuffed unicorn, he knew that he had to find a way to acquire it, and the following events completely altered his life.

A very peculiar instance of shoplifting was reported to Duplin County Animal Management by a Dollar General store in Kenansville, North Carolina, a week ago. The theft involved a dog.

It was discovered that a stray dog had been breaking into their shop on multiple occasions, always making off with the same stuffed, purple unicorn toy.


It would appear that the dog had developed such a strong passion for this toy that he would do anything to get his paws on it. There are claims that he stole the unicorn five times before animal services were contacted.

“He went straight for the unicorn, the same one every time,” Joe Newburn, Duplin County Animal Services supervisor, told People.

“It was one of the strangest calls I’ve ever dealt with.”

However, the police officer on the scene to pick up the dog, Samantha Lane, had a caring heart. After observing how much the unicorn meant to the stray, she decided to buy it for him using the 10 dollars she had saved.

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The dog was taken to animal services and put in a cage by itself while the workers checked to see if anyone had claimed him.

Even though it isn’t standard procedure for a police officer to offer a reward to a person who is sought for shoplifting, it was obvious that the toy meant everything to this poor dog, who has nothing else in the world. Upon admission, the dog was very devoted to the stuffed animal that was finally his.

The other officers were not surprised by the officer’s generous gesture of kindness.

“This is something she’s always done,” Newburn told WCTI 12. “This isn’t something new to her, it’s just a different dog, but yes, she’s always doing this stuff for the animals.”

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The officers decided to name the dog Sisu, after a character from the Disney film Raya and the Last Dragon with a horn resembling a unicorn’s horn and a purple mane.

Shortly after, Sisu became available for adoption. The fact that Duplin County Animal Services shared the story of the dog’s a close call with shoplifting was undoubtedly helpful to the dog’s adoption post becoming popular online.

“Sassy with other dogs and will not tolerate any back talk,” Sisu’s adoption post reads. “Very obedient with people. Knows to sit, lay, heel and loves unicorns from dollar general.”

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Sisu maintained his trust in his stuffed unicorn as a comfort source while waiting for someone to take him home.

Because he was so demanding that he get the toy, the employees at animal services had a slight feeling that he had resided in a house of his own at some time in his life.

“I don’t know of any other reason why he would focus on the unicorn other than he had one at home,” Newburn told People. “If the store had called and said he tore open dog food, that would make more sense, but not hunting for a purple unicorn.”

No matter where he came from, Sisu was given a good home; the animal services department announced that the dog had been adopted!

Sisu’s story went viral, and as a result, he got the happy conclusion he so richly deserved. Naturally, he will bring his cherished unicorn along with him… in addition to some supplemental items. Dollar General announced that, in recognition of their most renowned customer, they would present his adoptive family with additionally stuffed unicorns as a gift.

In addition to that, they presented Officer Lane with a “special thank you gift” and provided food for animals to Duplin County Animal Services.

“We are paws-itively thrilled that Sisu is enjoying his new toy!” Dollar General’s corporate office said in a statement to WCTI 12. “We are also grateful to Animal Control Officer Lane for helping to rescue him.”

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Sisu and his unicorn have long been reunited with a loving family, and we couldn’t be happier for them! What a delightful conclusion. Tell everyone about this amazing experience!

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