It is not the first time customers have been upset by the items that stores offer under their big brands. These brands are occasionally subject to fines, which has become increasingly common in recent years.

Target, one of the largest clothing stores in the United States, has experienced this problem today. The retailer Target has chosen to promote one of its items, which has a unique look. However, a great number of other companies have adopted this strategy.

A customer who shops at Target daily was offended by the design of some of the t-shirts sold there.

This kind of advertising offended Reign Murphy, and he voiced his displeasure about it on Twitter, calling it nasty. This is a manner that she considers improper. Reign took pictures of the blouse and posted them to her Twitter site, where she gained a lot of likes from her followers.


“OCD Christmas obsessive-compulsive disorder,” she wrote on her T-shirt. Those who truly suffer from severe psychological pain may find this design offensive.

She did not find the colors or the blouse fit to be problematic. She was shocked by the words that were written on the t-shirt. Those who are sick with this illness go through a trying struggle daily.

People who suffer from OCD are prone to developing other mental health issues due to their condition. OCD affects around 2.2 million people in the United States, and those individuals agree with what she has posted and are thinking.

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Not everyone believed that this had been a deliberate choice. There are a lot of people who declare they have OCD, but they don’t feel affected by it. Some individuals have the belief that not everyone appreciates or gets comedy. Jessica Carlson, a spokesperson for Target, has apologized to consumers who were upset by this product as a result of this.

She further stated that there was no evil motive behind her actions. Nonetheless, she stated that the sweater would be available for purchase.

A mother has raised another worry with the fashion company Target. This one relates to the company’s return policy. She has taken several photographs of t-shirts that have the words “bride,” “trophy,” and “Mrs.” written on them.

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She claims that they view the figure of a woman as an item that may be bought, sold, raped, or utilized in any way. It is acceptable in her eyes for any of her daughters to wear a shirt just like that.

Target has upset its customers due to marketing mistakes, so this is not the first time it has happened. Manatee Gray was the name given to the plus-sized version of a dress sold by the shop in 2013, while the gold standard of the same dress was known as Dark Heather Gray.

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