To receive better medical care for herself, Jean Manning and her teenage son Jake relocated from Florida to Massachusetts.

She also had to find Jake, who has Down syndrome, a new school because of the transfer. Fortunately, the two-person family in Ayer, Massachusetts, discovered a school nearby that would teach them the value of family.

GoFundMe/Memorial for Jeanie to Benefit Jake

Around 2015, Jean and Jake relocated from Florida to the Northeast. Jean was looking for the best care because she had terminal breast cancer. Jean began looking for a school for her kid once they had finally found a home.

Thankfully, they could locate a school for Jake and, as a result, a babysitter for him while Jean was away.


Jake’s instructor, Kerry Bremer, said to WCVB, “I fell in love with him immediately.”

She couldn’t help but speculate about Jake’s future after his mother died.

GoFundMe/Memorial for Jeanie to Benefit Jake

Bremer developed a strategy and shared it with her spouse.

According to Bremer, Jake can become a member of our family if you require a backup plan. She declared that I’d sleep better tonight than I had in a long time.

In the years that followed, Jake got to know the Bremers and developed a close bond with them.

But the first time I saw him after we decided to do this, he asked, “You’re the dad? You’re the father, Dave? For a very long time, that was it. Dave Bremer claimed, “I was Dave, the father.

GoFundMe/Memorial for Jeanie to Benefit Jake

Then, one day, after boarding the school bus with Jake, Jean went inside to sleep. She slept through it.

Kerry was fully aware of what needed to be done. In a formal adoption, she and her family decided to raise Jake as one of their own.

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Jake said, “My mother went to paradise.” She is always on my mind.

Love is overflowing from my heart. The Bremer family performed an exceptional deed.

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