When the high school teacher entered his classroom, his pupils welcomed him in a friendly manner as soon as they saw him. It seemed like any other day, but unknown to him, an extraordinary event would take place later that day. When one of his students set a brown box in front of him, he began to cry as soon as he opened the box. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he read the note inside. Something inside the box had a profound effect on him; it was a kind gesture that brought to his mind the difference he had made in the lives of his students.

There is a good explanation for why students frequently refer to their schools as if they were their second home. They devote a sizeable portion of their lives to acquiring knowledge in various domains and honing their abilities in this setting, which serves as their primary educational institution. However, there is much more than just academic instruction available at educational establishments. They offer a safe and supportive environment, which assists in developing young brains and gives children the confidence to take on the world.

Teachers play a critical role in this process, acting as mentors and role models to their students. They often spend more time with their students than their families, forging a deep and meaningful connection with them. Consequently, teachers are entitled to the same level of affection, respect, and care that we reserve for our most immediate family members.

The relationship between teachers and students is unique and special. It is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and empathy, and it can profoundly impact a student’s life. Teachers can inspire and motivate their students, helping them reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. And when students show their appreciation and gratitude, it can be a powerful reminder of teachers’ impact on their lives.


Cesar Punzalan stands behind his desk as a student stands near the classroom door in the background. | Source:

A Warm and Loving Bond

Students, throughout their relationship with their teachers, not only learn to confide in their teachers but also learn to trust everything their teachers say. Both parties have the potential to forge a tremendously heartwarming bond over time, which may extend beyond the confines of the classroom.

Whatever the real motivations were, the Immaculate Heart of Mary students were adamant about lending a hand in any way they could.

Some of the children at the Immaculate Heart of Mary school in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines, can attest that this statement is absolutely accurate. One of the teachers at Philemon was held in the highest regard by the students in grades 12 and up, and they wanted nothing more than to see him succeed and smile.

One of the students in Cesar Punzalan’s class | Source:

Difficulties Facing Teachers

The pupils of Cesar Punzalan decided to throw him a surprise party one day. When they found out that Sir Punzalan, as they called him, had to travel an hour each way to get to school, they were moved to tears. The story didn’t end there, though.

Sir Punzalan’s inability to skip work could be attributed to the fact that he was caring for a sick child at home. Moreover, his perceptive students believed that his salary had been going towards his kid’s treatment, so he had been coming to school in worn-out shoes for a long time.

They reasoned that perhaps Sir Punzalan didn’t want to buy new shoes due to a lack of funds. Maybe he wasn’t in a rush and wanted to see how long he could go with his current pair of sneakers.

Sir Cesar Punzalan unwrapping the box lying on his table | Source:

Prepare for a Delightful Suprise

Whatever the real motivations were, the Immaculate Heart of Mary students were adamant about lending a hand in any way they could. As a result, they decided to pool their money and purchase a thoughtful present for the teacher who had meant the world to them.

It was time to give Mr. Punzalan a taste of what was offered. The dedicated teacher strolled into the classroom without the slightest clue as to what the students in his class were plotting to do that particular day in the summer of 2019.

A student placed a brown and red package tied with a ribbon on the instructor’s table as he prepared to begin the class. He was standing behind his table at the time. After being taken aback, he turned around and looked at his students to elicit responses from them.

Sir Cesar Punzalan pictured inside the classroom | Source:

At a Loss for Words

Sir Punzalan was instructed to take the present from him and the other students and open the box by one of the students. The Filipino instructor revealed the ribbon methodically and carefully, completely oblivious to the contents of the package. When he finally got around to taking the top off, he was completely shocked by what he saw inside.

The thoughtful gift that his careful pupils had given him was a pair of brand-new shoes, which were found inside the package. As was to be anticipated, the humble instructor could not keep his emotions in check and shed some tears.

Even though he was having trouble speaking, his appreciation and affection for his students were clearly written all over his face. He believed he was equally privileged as his students to have the most talented educator to guide them through grades six through twelve.

Sir Cesar Punzalan has an emotional breakdown upon seeing the touching gift from his students. | Source:

Spreading Happiness on the online

In August 2019, a student at the Immaculate Heart of Mary School Grade 12 in the Philippines recorded a moving and inspiring video. The profoundly moving scene depicted the students shocking their instructor with a heartfelt demonstration of appreciation, which brought many viewers to tears. The video was later uploaded to Facebook by the student’s mother, Michelle Legaspi, who accompanied it with a caption emphasizing the significance of liking and respecting one’s instructors.

To fast forward to the 20th of March in 2023, the video has amassed an astounding 45,000 views on Facebook and has become an internet phenomenon. It is a testament to the power of kindness and the effect that even the smallest expressions of gratitude can have on a person.

The students in the video have shown us all an excellent example to follow, and they have reminded us that our instructors are like our second parents, and as such, they deserve our gratitude and respect. Their action serves as a lovely illustration of how even a small act of thoughtfulness can go a very long way.

In a world where negative news tends to dominate the headlines, it is heartening to see positive stories given the attention they deserve. This is particularly true in the current political climate. We have high hopes that this movie will motivate others to express their gratitude and kindness to the educators who have devoted their lives to ensuring the success of their students.



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