Do you remember home economics? Those days appear long gone, and locating an equivalent in today’s schools is exceedingly difficult.

However, one Australian foundation has captured the interest of many people by teaching school-age girls in Sydney some essential lessons: how to maintain a car.

Instagram/ galmatic

GalMatic is a foundation that teaches women and teenagers the significance of vehicle maintenance and, perhaps most importantly, how to do it.


Since 2007, the organization has educated Australian women and assisted over one million individuals.

Some of those who have benefited from GalMatic’s courses attend Stella Maris College in New South Wales. StellaMarisCollege, Manly

Stella Maris College posted photos of teens in school uniform dresses learning to change a tire in 2020.

“Our Year 11 girls today were taught some essential DIY car maintenance skills by Galmatic; how to change a tire and check tire pressure, how to check oil, water, and coolant levels, what to do in the event of a minor car crash, and so much more.”

Many people praised the school and instructor for breaking the gender stereotype.

“Wow! This is amazing!” I wish I could have participated and learned this talent! “This is fantastic! Wish I could have joined in & learned this skill! Well done, Stella, for teaching our girls how to be strong & independent,” one commenter said.

And while it may have appeared to be a novel idea, the school has always had a similar program.

“Stella has always been ahead of the game in teaching young women to be self-reliant,” they wrote in a blog entry.

“Some ex-students remember doing this in the 1970s and 80s with Sr Pam and Mr. Regan. One former student remarked, ‘Mr. Regan taught my year these car maintenance practices. Still use them today…and can change a tire like a champion!'”

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