Dressing up for an occasion has a distinct quality, and being recognized is spectacular in its own right. The prom is one such event for many youngsters.

I have distinct memories of my high school prom. My mother spent hours fixing my hair and nails in addition to the time she spent running around to make sure I didn’t have to worry.


The garment was undoubtedly the most significant component. I needed to look and feel my brightest because I knew how nice everyone else would look.

I’ve realized that not everyone can afford the dream ballgown. Addi Rust was an instance of this. She had imagined herself wearing the outfit of her dreams, but she quickly realized it was too expensive.


She had a real Prince Charming as her date, which is fortunate. He was willing to assist her and even went to tremendous lengths.


Despite feeling depressed, Addi wasn’t about to express it. She joked about wearing a dress that her prom partner had made himself. He was aware of the remark.

Parker Smith approached his grandma for assistance in making the ideal garment for Addi despite never having sewn a thing in his life.

Parker Keith Smith/Facebook

As a result? Here’s what you can verify:


Just imagine how much effort this young man must have put forth to find his date a stunning dress that would make her stand out. You’re a real inspiration, Parker.

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