I believe finding our soul partner is a dream shared by all. Some people spend their entire lives hunting for their other half, while others are fortunate enough to meet the person who instantly makes their lives complete.

It was the same with Tom and Delma Ledbetter; it’s difficult to discover a love tale as amazing as theirs.

Ledbetter’s narrative is not a fictional piece. According to Click2Houston, the pair first got together in their early 20s through common friends.

Dignity Memorial/Ledbetter Family

“They went around two, three different blocks or whatever and they came back and they parked and he said he leaned over and he grabbed her hand and he said, ‘I don’t know what made me do it,'”


Tom recalled their “kind of the first date.” One of the Ledbetters’ daughters, Donetta Nichols, recalled what he said: “I simply reached over and kissed her on the cheek.”

Three weeks after being engaged, Tom and Dela were married, and 62 years later, they were still inseparable. Soon after, there were two daughters, then grandchildren, then great-grandchildren. Life was full of love and joy for Tom and Delma.

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Dignity Memorial/Ledbetter Family

Sadly, in April 2017, Delma’s health started to deteriorate. A short while later, Tom too became ill and was later admitted to a nursing facility.

We brought him with Mama to the nursing home. Mama was lying there, facing him, in the middle of their small beds that had been put together.

It was so wonderful, Donetta Nichols recalled when her father went to her while she was asleep and leaned over to take hold of her hand.

Within an hour and a half of one another, the couple passed away together. Stephanie, a granddaughter of the Ledbetters, took a picture of the two during their last hours together.

Millions of people were affected by the terrible image that spread swiftly online. Nichols said, “It was exactly how they wanted to go. There was no way it could have been better.

Dignity Memorial/Ledbetter Family

Tom and Delma were buried next to one another in Clute, Texas’ Restwood Memorial Park. The most potent force in the universe is love! I’m more certain than ever after reading about Tom and Delma’s love story that not only does real love exist, but also that there is someone out there with whom we are intended to spend our time on earth.

And perhaps one shouldn’t be depressed… They were fortunate to discover the most ideal means of staying together for all of eternity.

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Do you know?

A senior couple who had been together for more than 60 years passed away within two hours of one another while still holding hands.

In April, Delma and Tom Ledbetter, both of Lake Jackson, Texas, became unwell.

The couple’s family placed Mr. Ledbetter in the same nursing home as his wife, and the two remained there together until their deaths. “Their love was a testimony to many, and was a match made in Heaven,” said one person of the couple.

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