One of the most dreadful things in the world must be learning that one of your children is missing.

Because a parent’s initial impulse is to love and protect their child at all costs, panic quickly sets in when they disappear, and there is nothing you can do to fix the problem.

This is exactly what happened to the parents of six-year-old Kaydon Leach when their son and his dog Chula vanished on the evening of April 23, 2018.

At 7 o’clock, authorities started a 100-person search that would go on late into Tuesday morning. They discovered Kaydon, not by himself.

In April 2018, Kaydon Leach vanished in Blount County, Tennessee, in the evening. A short while afterward, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Endangered Child Alert, and rescue workers carried out nighttime grid searches across a 2,000-acre region.


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Kaydon is just six years old; therefore, concerns for his safety were of the utmost importance. The Blount County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, K-9 teams, a Black Hawk military helicopter, and volunteer search parties from the neighborhood were all involved in the massive endeavor to find him.

At 3:30 pm local time, Kaydon was discovered after 22 hours in the Top of the World Community in Blount County, about half a mile from his home.

The police, fire department, or volunteers are not acknowledged as the genuine heroes of the story, despite the amazing efforts of the numerous people involved in the hunt to find him. Chula, the black and white terrier Kaydon brought with him, is what it is.

Chula defended his master and kept him safe until others could find him while Kaydon was gone for a long night in the rain.

Chief Deputy Jeff French of the Blount County Sheriff’s Office claims that as the rescuers approached Kaydon, the dog growled at them.

Chula remained by his master’s side throughout the night’s gloom and rain. He is such a good boy!

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Rescuers carried Kaydon up the mountain to the road while wrapping him in jackets because he was freezing when he was discovered. Later on, he was brought to Blount Memorial Hospital. His family gave thanks to everyone who helped with the search in a statement.

We thank everyone who helped us find Kaydon, including volunteers and local law enforcement. We have received a lot of support from folks we don’t know. Please respect our request for privacy at this time. We value all of our friends and neighbors.

That story’s pleasant conclusion made me very glad. Dogs truly are a man’s best friend, as is commonly believed.

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