A true miracle and “act of God,” this baby’s survival.

When they heard weird noises, three adolescent girls were hiking in the woods close to their house in Forsyth County. They weren’t entirely sure what animal could create those strange noises that sounded like a baby sobbing.

In the following instant, they exchanged glances as though they were unsure if a baby could be present in the middle of the woods. Even though they thought that was weird, they decided to ask their father for assistance. And they could not have made a better choice.

Astonished by the scene, their father, Alan Ragatz, arrived. He discovered a tiny infant still inside its mother’s womb, its uncut umbilical cord.

Only a few hours old, the baby girl wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Alan and his girls.


One of Alan’s children, Kayla, recalled that devoted day by saying, “(We) grabbed our flashlights and we’re driving around, and we’re, like, ‘That doesn’t sound like an animal.’”

That’s got to be impossible; Alan reportedly said when they explained to him that they thought they heard baby sounds. A young raccoon, deer, or other animal is what it is.

The tiny baby’s life was saved thanks to the rapid action of his daughters, who were correct in their assessment.

“We went down, pulled it up. There was a poor baby wrapped in a plastic bag, and we called 911,” Alan added. “She was alive. She was crying, so we figured that was a good sign. It could have been worse. The credit goes to my girls. They were the ones sticking with it.”

After authorities were notified, the infant was moved to a secure location where she received the necessary assistance and treatment.

Sheriff Ron Freeman commended the Ragatz family for their accomplishments and stated, “It is, without doubt, divine intervention that this child was found. If it weren’t for these citizens, we would have a different conversation.”

India, the baby who survived, was truly a miracle and “an act of God” because she was unharmed despite how her mother had dumped her.

After hearing about Cute India, lots of people wanted to adopt her. In actuality, over a thousand people were prepared to provide her with the home that her natural parents were unable to do so. “We’ve had thousands of people across the country, and other parts of North America come forward wanting to adopt Baby India,” says Tom Rawlings, director of the state Division of Family & Children Services.

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Fortunately, Princess India is doing well now and can’t wait to meet her new parents. She is putting on weight and grinning a lot. She is a happy baby who enjoys being held and sang to, and she is now thriving overall, said Rawlings.

The tiny heroine who wouldn’t give up fighting for her life and did her best to get her pleas for aid heard is receiving affection and well wishes from the entire nation.

We only wish the best to baby India in the future.

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