After learning that their teacher was getting married, a group of middle school chorus students from the Hingham Middle School Junior Choral Spectrum in Massachusetts realized they had to act.

Students wanted to show their appreciation for Christopher Landis’ dedication to his profession because he was getting married to Joe.

They created a surprise that they were certain he wouldn’t be able to forget anytime soon, considering this. Their strategy was carried out at Landis’ wedding rehearsal brunch. The anticipated outcome was achieved, boy.

YouTube / MassLive

First, the youngsters unexpectedly came up during Landis’ practice, and then they magically began to sing the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love.”


It turned out that they had been practicing secretly every Sunday for a whole month to perfect it for a man who deserved it.

YouTube / MassLive

The best aspect of it?

On the other hand, Landis is in shambles from the minute the kids enter until the song is through. He is astonished and humbled that so many people would travel to such tremendous lengths for him, and tears quickly fall.

Just watching the video demonstrates how much Landis loves “his kids,” as he refers to them, and how much they love him back.

But aside from the emotions expressed, it’s also important to point out that this group of kids can sing beautifully!


Chris and Joe have our best wishes for continued happiness in their marriage.

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